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Fundamentals in beginning an indoor grow tent. How to create an indoor grow tent for beginners. Useful grow tent sizes


Fundamentals in beginning an indoor grow tent. How to create an indoor grow tent for beginners. Useful grow tent sizes for many environments.

How To Indoor Tent Grow Cannabis

With the legalization of cannabis (marijuana) one year ago in Canada, you may have given thought to grow your own indoors. The indoor cultivation of cannabis can be satisfying. But one must pay close attention to key things such as carefully controlling the amount of light, temperature, humidity etc. It does present itself as a challenge. But there are several easy ways you can simplify your growing operation. And for beginners, the use of a grow tent is a good place to start.

A grow tent is a tent that is pulled taught tight on the outside and has a reflective film on the inside. It is constructed using either PVC tubing or metal poles. They are attached using connecting joints. These tents can be constructed to accommodate many different shapes and dimensional sizes as the needs require.

The one main advantage of growing cannabis indoors is that the tents will allow the plants the best chance of producing big yields and potent buds. An indoor tent offers simplicity when compared to outdoor growing. This application is best suited for small scale marijuana cultivation. It’s not recommended for a larger crop. Ideally, you should be looking at obtaining between 30 to 150 grams per month. A grow tent will be perfect to allow you to achieve this amount.

To give you an idea of what to expect, the following outlines a few guidelines of using a grow tent for cannabis cultivation:

  • Being lightweight and portable, they can be set up anywhere with no damage to your house.
  • Having good control over the temperature, a grow tent is perfect for use during the winter months.
  • Grow tents come with air port vents and carbon filters as a proper air exchange is crucial to any indoor gardening. These ports and carbon filters bring in and introduces fresh cold air to the environment while removing the warm air and odour.
  • Having the reflective surface on the tent wall interior means you won’t have to worry about lighting as through this reflective surface your cannabis will get plenty of sufficient light that it needs. And thanks to the tent’s structural design, it means that there will be no interior or exterior light leakage. The darkness much like a film developing room will allow cannabis to produce many buds as possible.
  • The grow tent is completely sealed and waterproof so you won’t have to worry about any sort of water leakage to your floor. The grow tent is easy to clean and cannabis will be protected from pests too.

To have success with your grow tent, it should possess some fundamental basic characteristics.

  • Make sure that the fabric you use will keep odours inside, prevents pests from gaining access and prevents escaping light.
  • Light leakage can be the biggest problem you’ll encounter. A low-quality zipper can be the culprit of light leakage. To prevent this from happening, make sure that there is a flap that covers the entire length of the zipper.
  • Ensure that the tent frame is sturdy enough to be able to handle heavy equipment.
  • Ensure that your grow tent is equipped with a spill tray. This will facilitate an easy and convenient water clean up.
  • Ventilation should be placed at the top of the tent. Once inside the tent, take a look around as moving from left to right the order placement should be: filter>clamp>fan>clamp>ducting
  • Through a portal at the top and the back of the tent will be the placement of the ducting.
  • Make sure that your tent has some type of viewing window. It will allow you to quickly inspect your cannabis without having to open the tent. This is a useful feature for your tent to have.

Now that the basics have been discussed, you’ll want to know which is the best tent size for optimal cannabis growing. Firstly, you’ll need a basic grasp of both your strengths and weaknesses. This will assist in determining the right size tent for you to use. As a general rule of thumb, each cannabis plant you grow will require 1 square foot of grow space. The majority of tents that you’ll look at will have dimensions between 4 to 7 feet in height. For your cannabis crop, you’ll need at a minimum of 5 feet, but it’s best to consider going with 7 feet. It’s best to be over than not have enough space. Naturally, as a beginner, you’ll want to start off with a small tent. A 32x32x63 inch size is a good place to start. This will provide you with an ideal size. With the capacity of this tent, you can comfortably fit 2 full-sized plants. However, if the plants are smaller, you can probably fit in 6 of them. If you’re considering a slimmer shape, consider the dimensions of a rectangle with a base of 48x24x60 inches. This sized will also accommodate sliding doors. Its capacity can hold 3 full-sized plants or 8 smaller ones.

Now if you’re feeling adventurous with a bit more experience under your belt and want to aim for a higher yield, it is suggested you look at a medium-sized rectangle tent base. This would be your best bet. With their 48×48 inch size, the base will easily support 4 large plants or 16 small plants.

Small spaces will present a challenge to you, as you’ll naturally be concerned about your plants grow to a height that will reach the grow lights. Therefore, a tent with a height of 78 inches is recommended for growing cannabis. However, if you want to go super-size, you’ll want a tent with the largest rectangle base measuring 96x48x78 inches which is ideal for a maximum yield containing 8 full-sized plants or 25 smaller ones.

Grow tents are an efficient tool to assist you in growing your cannabis plants. They can help you in maximizing the use of a small space and provides you with total control over the effectiveness of the growing environment. Choosing a tent does not have to be a complicated endeavour in the least. There are different sizes and shapes to suit a multitude of cultivation levels. Not just with cannabis growing, but gardening, in general, is a wonderfully rewarding hobby and pastime to have.

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