How to Get Rid of that Danky Weed Smell

“Perhaps one day none of us will never have to cover up the smell of cannabis, but until then we at least have options”

how to get rid of weed smell

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We shouldn’t have to in 2019, but nothing reminds cannabis lovers more of the stigma associated with the plant than those occasions we have to get rid of weed smell. 

A nosey landlord, a conservative dinner guest, and innumerable other situations can cause an immediate need to remove cannabis-related odours. 

Weed Smell Dead Giveaways

The numerous annoyed sideways glances I’ve received from people over the years tells me that vaping doesn’t always remove the smell of marijuana completely.

Fortunately, there have been advances in this field that should have you and your home smelling inconspicuous in no time. 

Removing the smell from your hands or clothes after smoking tends to be easier than getting the smell out of a room. 

Incense has been used to cover up weed smell for generations. It’s usually a dead giveaway but still works. It’s also great when you need to claim that you weren’t smoking weed but don’t really care if the person believes you or not. 

Other methods that are good in a pinch include pretending you have adopted a skunk or, my fave, claiming not to smell anything. 

Your local headshop may be able to help in a pinch. The Friendly Stranger in Toronto, for example, plans on selling a line of “smoke odour exterminator” candles currently in development.

Beware the Toxins

For most of us, having to cover up the smell of marijuana is just an annoyance but for medical marijuana patients who want to hide their use to avoid questions about a medical condition, getting rid of the smell is important. 

Hand sanitizers and powerful fragrances will help get smoke smell off your hands and clothes, but they’re full of toxins and the smell is just as likely to bother people. 

how to get rid of weed smell

Washing your hands and face with soap and water is a good way to avoid harmful chemicals, but organic lotions and sprays, several brands of which are available online, are just as effective, albeit more expensive.

Kushley offers a line of products that are specifically designed with med pot patients in mind who may suffer from nausea or other symptoms. 

Plants and Essential Oil Diffuse Weed Smell 

Little-known fact: adding a bunch of plants to a room can help cut down on the smell of weed. Spider plants, for example, are good for small places like apartments or condos and are safe for pets. 

If you are looking to do more than just cover up weed smell, essential oil diffusers convert water and essential oils into awesome smelling vapour. They are just as beneficial as any air freshener on the market, but different types of oils offer other health benefits and can help elevate your mood.

Filter It

Pet owners find activated charcoal and carbon filters useful near litter boxes. But these filters are also good for absorbing organic compounds out of the air. Just place them around wherever you smoke regularly and the smell will bind to them. They aren’t expensive and can easily be found online

In a Pinch

You don’t want to be breathing in ozium with much regularity as it’s high in phthalate, specifically diethylhexyl, a suspected carcinogen. But if you really need a weed smell gone and quickly, this is going to work. 

Perhaps one day none of us will ever have to cover up the smell of cannabis, but until that day comes, we at least have options.

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