How to Become a Budtender in 2019

How to become a budtender. What is a budtender? Employment opportunities as a budtender. Budtender education. Skills needed to be

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How to become a budtender. What is a budtender? Employment opportunities as a budtender. Budtender education. Skills needed to be a budtender.

How To Become A Cannabis Budtender

Chances are if you’re not a part of the marijuana cannabis culture or community you’ve never heard of the term “budtender”. But much like when we think of a traditional bartender, the same applies, only the intoxicant of choice is marijuana. Perhaps just in passing, you’ve heard of the term and you might have even given it some thought on becoming a budtender but didn’t know a thing about the requirements or licenses. If you’re looking for answers on becoming a budtender, then you’ve come to the right place.

Working inside a dispensary where recreational or medicinal marijuana is sold, a budtender is a staff member who gives suggestions, clarifies questions, shows product demonstrations and showcases products for their customers. Their job as a budtender requires them to manage customer satisfaction by guiding customers through the selection process. It’s interesting to note that Buddhists are at the leading forefront of the cannabis economy and must stay up-to-date on current marijuana industry trends. They stay in the loop by attending trade shows, researching products, or learning about partner dispensaries.

If you’re considering finding employment as a budtender there are a few aspects you may want to examine in relation to your own personality. Do you have an interest or are knowledgeable about cannabis? Do you enjoy working and interacting with people? If you do, then a budtender job may be awesome for you. Naturally, you should be comfortable with communicating with people and have some skill at doing this. You’ll have an opportunity to communicate with different customers and share your experiences with them. And a key part of effective communication skills is the ability to actually listen to the customer. It’s a back and forth interaction. Listen to their stories as well. In this role as a budtender, you’ll get the opportunity to gain information about all the newest products and you can often try them on your own before they go on sale.

As a budtender, there is often the opportunity for advancement and to move up within the organization. Budtenders can be considered the next in line within the company for roles such as shipping, trimmer or even a grower. A 2018 review indicated that the median annual wage for a budtender was $32,000. And it should be noted that the marijuana industry should experience strong job growth in the near future as additional states legalize recreational and medical marijuana.

And as is expected with any job position, you’ll have to have a few fundamental qualifications.

  1. Friendly: Naturally, this goes without saying, one should possess a friendly, outgoing, welcoming disposition and demeanour. As a budtender, not only will you be enthusiastic about the products you’re selling, but you should also have a certain charismatic charm and friendliness that enables customers to trust you right from the start. If you’ve ever worked in retail, you’ll have honed your customer service skills, as those are a crucial factor in being a good budtender. So if after some soul searching you feel that at your core you’re an introverted personality, then being a budtender is not going to be a good fit for you.
  2. Knowledge of Marijuana: Next to a friendly, outgoing personality is knowledge. Possessing a broad knowledge base on marijuana information is definitely a plus bonus. You must be able to comfortably inform the client about the different flowers, different marijuana strains, potencies and products, etc. without having to constantly consult with your manager. If you can do this with a thorough knowledge of marijuana, then chances are you’ll be successful in this role as a budtender. The more information you have on the cannabis products stocked in the dispensary the better.
  3. Organized: In this role as a budtender, it will be extremely helpful if you’re well organized. In this career, organizational skills are very useful. The same will apply to any sales position. If you have a strong work ethic and are highly organized, then you’ll have great longevity in the business of selling weed.
  4. Clean Criminal Record: It is mandatory that in this role as a budtender you have a clean criminal record. Just like any other established, successful industry, the marijuana industry seeks to recruit trustworthy individuals and those with criminal backgrounds are absolutely not welcome.
  5. Clean Physical Appearance: Have good physical hygiene. These are the fundamental basics of life. Brush your teeth so you don’t have bad breath. Shower so that you don’t have body odour. And most certainly, and this one is a no-brainer, it is highly emphasized that you do not get high before or during the application process. This can not be stressed enough.
  6. Education: If you’re looking at becoming a budtender, but realize that you don’t have enough education to be successful in this role, educate yourself before you apply. At the very least you’ll need a high school diploma. The educational requirements for a budtender are varied by state and dispensary. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have some measure of higher education. Read up and be knowledgeable on marijuana, seeds, growing, strains and potency etc. At its core, the ethical characteristics of a person are more important in this line of work than actual education. But at least try to be fundamentally knowledgeable about marijuana. There are several certificate programs available in order to become a budtender. For example, there are some budtender certificate programs available that can give you some certifications in the various aspects of cannabis strains and potency.

Covering different aspects of cannabis education, there are several education centres that provide certificate programs. In order to help you to understand how to become a budtender, start your investigation by taking a look at these higher education programs:

Oaksterdam University

Located in Oakland, California, Oaksterdam University is one of America’s first cannabis-focused educational institutions. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious cannabis educational outlets.

Cannabis Training University

Providing online courses, Cannabis Training University (CTU) allows registered students a full year to access their classes, videos and ebooks. Established in San Francisco in 2009 as a live seminar platform, CTU covers as many as possible the vast range of aspects of the cannabis industry sector. And in 2011, the university was expanded to accommodate more hours of curricula to students throughout the world at an accessible, affordable rate.

THC University

THC University offers seven certification courses: Budtender Certification, Cannabis Business, Horticulture Specialist, Safety and Regulations (Colorado), Safety and Regulations (Washington), and Cannabis Products Course. Taking into account what THC University can offer students, it makes it an excellent choice.

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