How Can I Stop My Home from Smelling Like Cannabis?

Cannabis is a flowering plant whose buds possess psychoactive properties. Flowers create fragrant oils called terpenes and, when smoked, the

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Cannabis is a flowering plant whose buds possess psychoactive properties. Flowers create fragrant oils called terpenes and, when smoked, the cannabis flower diffuses a powerful and distinct aroma. While some smokers find the odour to be a nuisance, others are fond of it and associate it with the ritual of smoking and unwinding. But whether you’re a fan of the smell or not, one thing is undeniable: it’s pungent.

Despite the Canada-wide legalization of marijuana, many smokers still don’t want to advertise their use of pot. The accompanying smell, however, can make discretion a challenge. If you want to keep this habit private and avoid irritating those around you here are some helpful tips to keep the aroma at bay.

Burn Incense

Burning a stick of incense is a great way to camouflage any loitering whiffs of weed. Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa is a long-lasting blend that is a staple in ashrams. It is commonly used in conjunction with meditation or yoga and is said to have therapeutic benefits.

This incense combines floral and herbal undertones with a balsamic resin called benzoin, Indian sandalwood, vanilla, and honey to create a sweet aromatic cocktail. This fragrance can conceal residual pot smells and the resulting smoke will also visually disguise any remaining smoke from the cannabis.

Wear Patchouli Oil

This fragrant oil is widely associated with hippies due to its abundance on the hippie trail in the 1960s. During this time, it grew in popularity as an earthy and natural alternative to deodorant or perfume. The oil is collected from the small pink and white flowers that grow on the leafy green patchouli plant. It has a strong odour that has been used in everything from cooking to insect repellent. Wear a little bit of patchouli oil and it will mask any unwanted odours. You’re all set: peace, love, and pot.

Grab the Febreeze

Many Canadians already have a bottle of Febreeze at home to deal with foul-smelling odours such as flatulent pets (or maybe even a particularly offensive smelling partner). This air freshener can also reduce the lingering aroma of marijuana. Febreze binds to odour molecules and makes unpleasant smells undetectable. While this might not completely eliminate all traces of your weed cloud it’s an effective way to reduce its intensity.

Strike A Match

If you’re stuck in a situation where you can’t step outside and you also can’t smoke indoors then desperate times call for desperate measures. Keep a book of matches tucked in your pocket and retreat to the washroom. Strike a match– the sulfur dioxide that is produced will mask the odour of your weed. Make sure to turn on the bathroom fan; the match and the fan will join forces to dissipate any persisting pot smell.

Smoke in the Shower

Lather up and light up! Another way to subtly smoke weed in the bathroom is to just hop in the shower. Turn on the water and crank up the heat for the best result. The steam will mix with the smoke and together they will disappear into the bathroom fan – the bathroom fan once again saves the day! This method can also intensify your high and is commonly referred to as a “Hawaiian Hotbox.” To completely obliterate any odour, bathe with your favourite perfumed body wash and place a rolled-up towel at the base of the bathroom door.

Burn Some Popcorn

As a final resort you can always rely on a smell that endures like no other. If you’ve ever been a little overzealous with your microwave timer and accidentally incinerated your popcorn kernels beyond recognition, then you know that the smell of burnt popcorn is dominant and sticks around for a while. It will mask any traces of cannabis but be sure not to go overboard and trigger your fire alarm.

Store Your Stash Properly

Eliminate the scent of your weed reserve by storing it in something airtight. Layering plastic bags can do the trick—a bag inside a bag offers multiple lines of defence. You can opt for a mason jar if you’d prefer a more heavy-duty material. There are also many airtight plastic container companies such as OXO who specialize in vacuum-sealed food storage. These containers keep aromas trapped within the plastic walls. If you’re looking to preserve your cannabis at peak quality, you can purchase a UV protected container that keeps the contents safe regardless of sun exposure.

Use A Smoke Filter

You can fashion yourself this DIY device that requires only a paper towel roll, a rubber band, and a dryer sheet. Simply affix the dryer sheet to one end of the paper towel roll using the rubber band. Exhale slowly into the tube. Try not to blow too hard and propel the smoke out the other end. Eventually the smoke will drift out naturally but as it slowly passes through the dryer sheet the smell will be significantly weakened.

If you aren’t feeling up to an arts and crafts session you can now find professionally manufactured smoke filters on the market. Sploofy is a popular brand that makes a conveniently portable version that is an optimal choice for those on the go. It also has a replaceable filter system that seamlessly dissipates even the largest clouds of smoke.

Go Outside

Bypass the headache of trapped odours and just step outside while you indulge. Get some fresh air and breathe easy knowing that any irritating smells will be carried away with the breeze. Do you have any other ways to keep the cannabis smell out of your house? Share your tips and tricks! We’ll put them to the test and share our favourites.

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