How To Roll That Perfect Swisher – A Detailed Guide

For those people, a blunt is simply like the cigar in comparison to a cigarette, just in the world of cannabis.

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Some people have never even heard of the word blunt before. For those people, a blunt is simply like the cigar in comparison to a cigarette, just in the world of cannabis. Or you can think of it like a cigar that was ridden of its loose tobacco and packed with weed. It isn’t as infamous as a regular joint, but it’s still something that shouldn’t be abandoned. Lots of people like the little jolt that’s given from the combination of weed and the tobacco wrapping. Others simply just enjoy the numerous different flavours of wraps available to roll them in.

To keep with tradition, rolling a good blunt must be done in a certain way to keep up normalcy.

You will first need to collect the right supplies in order to proceed. 

  • The choice of your favourite weed
  • The blunt wrapper, cigar, or cigarillo
  • A grinder will really help with crushing up the weed for newcomers

Step 1: Crushing Up That Cannabis

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You’ll need to first crush the weed up so it burns better. A grinder will save you time, effort, and will ensure a better burn. The older and more traditional way of doing it is just using your hands.

Step 2: Get The Wrapping Ready For The Blunt

You will have to get some tobacco wrap to roll the blunt. Many people like to stay to the tradition of just emptying a cigarillo, but you can always just go to your nearest store and pick up empty wraps there. A sharp blade will help you slice the blunt lengthwise, but you can also just crack open the blunt using your fingers. When the blunt is split, you can then dump out the tobacco from the center and throw it out, unless you like to smoke it later.

Step 3: Moisten Up The Wrap

It makes things a lot easier if the blunt wrap is a little on the wet side. That way, you’ll be able to shape it better and it just makes it simpler to work with. Saliva works, or you can use a little tap water as well.

Step 4: Load Up The Blunt 

Load up the now empty wrapping with crushed up weed. One or two grams will do the trick for a normal-sized cigarillo. If you have a few friends that you’re smoking it with, you might be able to fit in a lot more.

Step 5: Rolling Up The Blunt

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To get the blunt nicely and evenly packed, roll the weed right between your fingers. Ensure that the blunt wrap is wet enough so it won’t crack on you. When the blunt is fully packed and shaped properly, then you tuck the wrap underneath itself and moisten the inside of the revealed edge from each end.

To get rid of any wrinkles, use your fingers along the blunt. A great tip is that if the blunt does end up cracking, then just use some gummy adhesive to fix it up.

Step 6: Drying The Blunt

After the blunt is rolled up, you will definitely want to dry it up to make sure it burns evenly all throughout. This is simply done by running a lighter along the seam that’s under it and along the outside of it. Don’t get the lighter too close that it starts to burn, because you just want the heat and not the actual flame.

Step 7: Appreciate!

You’ve already guessed the last and most important step. Light that swisher up with your friends and don’t forget to share any tips or tricks that you have on how to roll a swisher.

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