How to Pack and Smoke a Bowl of Cannabis

Thinking of Smoking a Bowl For The First Time? Read This Now To Get the Best Experience From Your Pipe.

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Thinking of Smoking a Bowl For The First Time?

Read This Now To Get the Best Experience From Your Pipe.

Cannabis can be smoked using a variety of means and contraptions, but the most acknowledged method is by smoking a ‘bowl’. Smoking a ‘bowl’ is popular with everyone in the cannabis smoking community and the technique for bowl-smoking is one of the fundamental lessons of cannabis consumption. Be it for personal use or laying on a party, having the knowledge of ‘bowl’ smoking will enhance your overall experience.

Introduction to Cannabis Pipes

Cannabis smoking pipes are arguably the most popular device used to smoke the weed. They share the same characteristics as traditional tobacco pipes and are, basically, adaptations of their tobacco cousins.
Pipes contain a bowl into which the cannabis is packed; therefore the jargon reference to ‘smoking a bowl’. There is also an airtight channel that connects to the mouthpiece; this is for ‘delivery’ of the smoke. Often, a second channel is utilized to maximize airflow to the mouthpiece, but this is optional. The minimum requirements of the pipe for cannabis smoking is a bowl and an airtight delivery channel.

Tobacco pipes have been traditionally made from bamboo, wood or ceramics, but most cannabis pipes used today are made from Borosilicate glass which is a highly versatile material. Most glass pipes are marketed as being for tobacco use and they are widely available in gift shops, collectibles shops, cannabis fairs or online stores. Places that sell cannabis pipes are also known as ‘head shops’.

Cannabis pipes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and complexity. Some use water as a filter for the cannabis smoke and to cool it before it’s inhaled. Other, more basic cannabis pipes have a physical spoon-shaped, leading to them being referred to as a ‘spoon’. These ‘spoons’ are small, inexpensive and easy to use; so, ideal for beginners.

Bowl Packing and Bowl Smoking

Other than the pipe itself, there are a few essentials you will need to smoke your ‘bowl’. First off, is something to heat it with. The basic device for this is the cigarette lighter which comes in a whole host of forms. Butane gas lighters are effective and there are also many non-butane options to choose from. Look for something that offers you control; quick and uniform delivery of heat for combustion and vaporization of your bowl.
Another popular method of heat is provided by a hemp wick; a wax-covered length of hemp that is easy to ignite provides a uniform burn and leaves no after-taste.

Glass wands are another heat source. These can be heated to a level at which they will vaporize cannabis on contact with it. One particular advantage of this is that it eliminates combustion smoke whilst still delivering, cannabinoids, flavor and a lighter hit.

Whether or not you use a screen for your pipe is up to you. Using one can help you avoid inhaling burning cannabis and, if you do not have a screen available, her are a few screening alternatives to try:

  • Form a coil by twisting some wire or a paperclip.
  • Use a faucet head screen.
  • Use a small, dry rock about the same diameter as your bowl.

We recommend not using any of the following as they are coated and could be hazardous to inhale:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Soda cans
  • Window screens

Proper preparation of your cannabis is essential to maximize airflow and deliver an even smoke. Breaking down your cannabis is an important part of this preparation as it will allow smoke to pass through your bowl evenly.

Here are a few pipe-packing for maximum airflow tips:

  • Ensure your cannabis is broken down evenly.
  • Consider hand pulling your weed.
  • Grinders will ease the process of breaking down
  • Try using a stem at the bottom of your bowl to prevent small particles passing through.
  • Try stuffing an intact calyx – for the same reason as above.
  • Try using a screen to facilitate airflow.
  • Try packing your cannabis lightly at the bottom and increasing density at the top to avoid clogging.

The Etiquette of Cannabis Use

Everybody has got to start somewhere and learn the rules of cannabis smoking. So that you do not look like a complete novice, there are a few pieces of etiquette among the cannabis community that you should be aware of. Knowing these will help you enjoy your experience more as well as fit in:

  • When you are smoking with others, prepare a bowl that is an appropriate size for the whole group, not just yourself.
  • If for an intimate session, packing a ‘snap’ (personal bowl) is great for yourself or sharing with one other.
  • Party bowls will ensure that each person in the group gets a fresh hit of cannabis.
  • It is the person who provides the cannabis who gets to decide who gets the first hit.
  • Make sure you only light a small piece of the visible cannabis – don’t be greedy, everyone should have the same experience and it avoids someone getting an ash heavy hit.
  • When passing the bowl, inform your buddy that the bowl is ‘cherried’.
  • Never pocket the lighter; no-one likes a lighter thief!

Follow these tips and smoking a bowl will be a great experience for you. Adhere to the etiquette and make sure you’re smoking in a legal location. Safe Smoking!

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