7 Tips On How Do You Make Your Own DIY Bong

If you want to get into the homemade bong scene, here are a few tips for you to get started…


Every frequent cannabis consumer has been in the unfortunate position of having their hands on some weed, but having nothing to smoke it with. Well, read this article on improvised bongs and your chances of being in the tricky situation again are gone.

The most renowned of the homemade devices include the apple pipe and the gravity bong, but these are just 2 of a whole host of imaginative and artistic bong masterpieces. Many homemade bongs even compare well to some professional marijuana pipes on the market. The bottom line seems to be function overlooks with many bong enthusiasts stating that if the bong works, it cannot be stupid, despite what it may look like.

So, if you want to get into the homemade bong scene, here are a few tips for you to get started:

  • Use Sturdy Goods And Plastic Containers. Apples, carrots, hard pears and peppers are good foods to use, and plastic water bottles work well too. Their success comes from their ability to hold their shape whilst you are constructing the bong. The great thing about smoking with an apple pipe is that you can eat it afterward to cure ‘cottonmouth’.
  • Have Multiple Supplies. You may not get this work of art perfected the first time of trying, so make sure you have a couple of spare parts.
  • Handy Tools To Have. There are certain things you will always need. For instance, a pen with ink removed is great for making holes with. To connect different parts, aluminum foil is a safe bet and a few toothpicks can afford you with a makeshift screen for your fruit bong.
  • Avoid Soft Or Mushy Produce. It may be delicious but banana bongs will get damaged very easily even when smoking on your own, let alone passing it around a group. An exception may be to use strawberries as personal or one-hit bongs.
  • Consider Prefabricated Bowls. If you are going to have any pre-made elements in your bong, you may want to consider using a pre-fabricated bowl. If you are inserting a bowl into a plastic bottle, melt the bottle around the insertion hole. This will then dry and create an airtight seal.
  • Sealing can Get Messy. To create seals, you can use everything from gum (if you want it airtight) to peanut butter or soft chewing candy for temporary seals. With all these sticky treats, things can get a little messy.
  • Remember the Filter. Wrapping a fresh sheet of paper over the end of the toilet roll and securing it with a rubber band will make a great filter. Simply exhale down the tube for a secret session.

Well, hopefully, you’ve been inspired to get your creative head on and try making an improvised bong for yourself. Give it a go today!

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