How long does a vape pen last

Vaping is one of the fastest growing sectors of the legalized cannabis market, with disposable vaporizers leading the charge. This

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Vaping is one of the fastest growing sectors of the legalized cannabis market, with disposable vaporizers leading the charge. This can likely be put down to them being convenient, inexpensive and easy to use.

However, like most things, the quality of disposable vape pens is not standard. How long does a vape pen last is very much a question for individual manufacturers.

Higher quality vape pens, or vapes, give you great value for money and convenience without you having to sacrifice your experience. They provide all the advantages of a disposable alongside the reliability of a reusable.

Read on to get an indication of how long does a vape pen last?

Your Vape’s Battery

Power is perhaps the number one factor governing how long your vape pen lasts.

We only use the highest quality batteries in our disposable vape pens; 345 mAh LIon Ultra Charge. You can rest assured that you will still have some juice left when your vape oil runs out.

Avoid vapes with 250 mAh batteries, as retailers have received countless complaints about running out before the oil.

Even if a battery is disposable, it should still outlast the oil, so make sure you invest just a little more on s decent one.

Remember; No Power, No Flower (or oil in this case, but you get it, right?)

How Many Puffs Should You Get From Your Disposable Vape Pen?

This will depend on a number of factors like how much oil the manufacturer puts in the vape pen. Roughly speaking, 0.5ml should give you around 225 puffs and with a 0.25ml fill, you can achieve between 120 to 125 puffs.

If you’re using a vape with adjustable settings, other factors to take into consideration are:

  • Temperature
  • Draw length
  • Vaping substance


The higher you set the temperature, the faster you are going to burn through your oil. Temperature control will regulate your oil consumption and assist you in managing your high. That’s because a reliable temperature control will give you a consistent experience. It will also allow you to predict how long your vape pens will last.

Length of Your Draw

Taking longer draws on your vape will use more oil than with shorter puffs, meaning your oil cartridge will empty quicker. Find a balance that gives you a satisfying draw and lets you keep your oil for a reasonable period.

Vaping Substance

The substance you are vaping can have an effect on how long your vape lasts. For example, oils have a lower viscosity than wax or shatter, making them easier to transform into vapor. For this reason, dabbing vape pens need higher temperatures to work. The higher the temperature, the fewer puffs you will get. Low temperature vaping is offered by products like the Torch; saving you energy, substance, and money.

Can You Reuse Your Disposable Vape Pen?

In short, no. The clue is in the name, these are meant for one-time use and then get disposed of. This because of two reasons:

  • One full cycle for the nail will cause it to decline in performance.
  • Disposable vapes are filled using a specialized machine; they are not designed for manual refilling.

So, for safety reasons and to make sure you have the best results from your disposable vape, use up the oil then get rid of it.

Can You Recharge Your Disposable Vape?

Once again, disposable vapes are just that. They are not designed to be recharged and, anyway, the battery should long outlast the oil. If you are having battery problems, it could be down to where you are storing it. Extremely cold temperatures will degrade a battery’s performance.

Can You Recycle Disposable Vape Pens?

At the moment, no, there aren’t any parts on a disposable vape that can be recycled. However, vape manufacturers, Greenback, are developing a disposable vape that has a metal body. The M7M will be the first recyclable vape pen.

Maybe now you are better informed of how long does a vape pen last?

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