How Long to Heat a Quartz Banger

New To Dabbing? All About Heating a Quartz Banger For. Achieving the correct temperature for your nail is one of

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New To Dabbing? All About Heating a Quartz Banger For.

Achieving the correct temperature for your nail is one of the trickiest parts of Dabbing. Overheat and your concentrate burns, too cold and you fail to achieve vaporization. You may have just got yourself a new quartz banger and haven’t yet mastered the heating technique. So, here are some tips to get you going for the perfect dab and how to heat your quartz banger.

How Do You Heat a Quartz Banger?

Before we start, we’re assuming that you are not using an e-nail (and electronic gadget that automatically heats your nail to the required temperature). Also, if you are using a butane torch it can be quite tricky.

The first step is to flash up your torch and use it to get an even heat around the sides and on the base of your quartz banger. Keep the torch moving in a smooth flowing motion so as not to overheat any specific areas. Continue heating the banger in this way for around 30-60 seconds or until it starts to glow

Once you have achieved a glow, remove the heat from the banger and extinguish the torch. Now comes the waiting. Your preferred dabbing temperature will decide the time you wait, but generally speaking, the waiting time is anything from 15-60 seconds. You will not lose too much heat in this time as Quartz is excellent at retaining heat.

As a rough guide, for a high-temperature dab (500-600F) you should wait only 15 seconds. At these high temperatures, you will achieve large plumes of smoke and a rapid, potent high. Dabbing at this temperature can be harsh on the lungs and can taste of burning, however.

For a more flavorsome dab and one that will not rip your lungs out, you should try a temperature between 350-450F. These temperatures are also easier on your nail allowing you to use it for longer. The waiting time for your quartz banger to cool to this temperature is around 30-60 seconds.

What If Something Goes Wrong With Your Quartz Banger?

So, you’ve followed all the advice above but didn’t quite get the effect you were expecting? This could be for a number of reasons. Your concentrate may have burnt, making it turn black and taste horrible. Or, you could have ended up with a wet patch at the bottom of your quartz banger. These are clear signs that either your banger was too cold or it was too hot. You need to readjust and start again.

Getting your nail heated to perfection will take time and practice and may involve some trial and error. How long it takes to heat a quartz banger to perfection is not a straightforward case of a number of hours or days. Other factors such as size, thickness, and quality come into play when calculating how long it takes to heat a quartz banger.

If you are burning your concentrate, it means that your nail is too hot. Increase your waiting time by another 5-10 seconds and see how this affects the results.

If you are getting a wet patch at the base of your banger, your nail is too cold. This time, decrease your waiting time by 5-10 seconds and recheck the results.

Keep adjusting your time like this until you achieve your desired results. Once you know how long to wait with your own quartz nail banger, you can get the same results every time.

No, Still Can’t Get it Right?

If you are starting to lose patience having persevered with your quartz banger for some time, you have a couple of alternative options:

The first one is to get a thermometer to measure the surface temperature of the nail. These are not that expensive and the benefit is that all the guesswork is removed.

The second option is to purchase an e-nail and, while they may be relatively expensive, they will save you heartache and frustration. Not to mention the money you’ll save on not ruining your stash. One point on these, make sure that the coil can fit around the banger’s bucket.

Practice Makes Perfect

Although these 2 options will get you over a particular hurdle, they cannot replace the ‘traditional’ methods, so keep trying to get it right. As we said at the start, learning to use a quartz banger takes time, as does getting used to a new one. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it and soon you will know exactly how long to heat a quartz banger for.

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