How Long Do Dabs Last And How Long Can You Stay High With A Dab?

By Canncentral Editor


If you are a first-time dabber, you might find yourself asking the question of how long do dabs last?

Maybe you remember your first, maybe you don’t, but it is something of a different experience. Many people liken it to their first high, but maybe that’s taking it a bit far.

Like a lot of weed-associated things, how long do dabs last is very much a personal thing. If it’s your first stab at a dab, it could be that you have a peak of up to 2 hours and then another 2 hours of residual high.

Dabs have a higher concentration of THC so they are definitely going to get you up there. However, if you’re a frequent weed smoker they are nothing to be concerned about. Edibles, for instance, deserve much more of a warning than dabs. Dabs will stick around in your system for a while, though, so make sure you have no drugs test to pass shortly after using them.

If you’re an experienced dabber, your peak high duration will be reduced and your concentrates will resemble a pretty good nug. Some smoking purists say that using concentrates ruins the regular smoking experience.

This may be so, but you can still get pretty high from your usual nug. The highs are different, granted, but the higher THC in dabs certainly does not exclude enjoyment of the flower.

What should you expect from your very first dab?

Dabbing involves a little bit more of a process than smoking. There is a torch needed and a bit of exact timing to get your required hit. Heating your nail is the simple part, but waiting for it to reach your ideal temperature takes some time to develop.

Mastering dabbing may not require the skills of a Jedi Knight, but it will take some time before you master your ideal hit. Your first one is likely to be much too big and will probably burn your lungs out.

Having recovered from the resulting coughing fit, you will start to enjoy some of the advantages in flavor that come from concentrates. You will get a real burst of flavor from the cannabis resins and terpenes.

As you gain experience as a dabber, you will discover how letting your nail cool before you hit will enhance these flavors. The phrase ‘waste it to taste it’ refers to how you have to experiment with nail temperature and not vaporize all the concentrate, but achieve a better flavor.

As you drift off into your first dab high, you may well ponder the question of how long does a dab high last? Very soon, though, that will be far from your mind as you experience one of the best highs of your life.

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