How High Are You On A Numerical Scale Of 1 To 10?

If you’ve ever had the experience of being too high, then you know it is and isn’t a great feeling depending on how far you make it up the scale.

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How High Are You On A 1-10 Scale?

If you’ve ever had the experience of being too high, then you know it is and isn’t a great feeling depending on how far you make it up the scale. Nearly every person that has consumed weed has been in that same situation. But one of the questions that remain, is how do you know that you have gotten too high? What is even considered too high? If you used a rating scale of 1 to 10, then where would your high be on that scale?

Scales are a useful way to measure a number of different things. When someone asks you how much pain you are in on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being unbearable, this can also be used for other things, for example, if you are wondering: how high am I? It can be used in everything from microdosing edibles, to having too much of them. 

With 10 Being The Highest, How High Are You?

Having a minimal alteration in perception and head change

After you’ve taken a single hit, you typically won’t feel high out of your mind if you are an experienced user. You might be a little buzzed, have a little more energy than normal, and feel a tad more laid-back. The tiny head change is rather noticeable, but nothing beyond ordinary.

Kind of high

You’ve just smoked cannabis, and definitely feel different than when you did on the first number of the rating scale. You aren’t flying out of your mind yet, but you know that you are kind of high. You decide to smoke some more weed and start creeping up the high scale.

Lifted high

You are undoubtedly feeling the effects of the weed and have a lifted mood and feel higher all throughout your mind and body. At this point, there are no doubts, you are feeling the euphoria, but you know that there are still many more levels that you can creep up to.

Pretty high

You still have full functionality at this point, but you are feeling pretty high at the same time. The cannabis is doing its job and you start realizing that you are having random thoughts about things and might start to think that others will be noticing that you are high. The pretty high stage can be fun. Your overall perception begins to change about things and the cerebral effects start to blend in with everything else.

Really high

At number 5, the really high stage on the rating scale indicates that your body is buzzing more than normal. You might have more trouble keeping your thoughts focused on a single task, and if you are talking to someone that is completely sober, you are definitely wondering if they know you are high. Staring off into outer space, getting completely tangled in random thoughts, and feeling very mellow will overtake your mind in this stage. Being really high can be entertaining, and you also might start to feel a surge of hunger overtake you.


At level 6 on the rating scale, you are definitely stoned. Your eyes will be very heavy and you will really feel the urge to sit down on a relaxing couch somewhere. The majority of weed consumers have reached this stage. For first time users, this stage might be rather uncomfortable if they are experiencing it for the first time. If it is your first time reaching the stoned stage, it’s recommended to just relax it off and not smoke any more cannabis. You will not be able to concentrate, your thoughts have changed, and you will find yourself zoning out.


You’re just completely baked at level 7 on the scale. You are farther than being just stoned when you are baked. By this level, cognition is completely out of whack and most things in the world will feel intensified to a higher level. You will forget about what tasks you had on the go for the rest of the day. When you hit the baked stage, this might take a while to get back from, even up to a couple of hours. You are most commonly sitting on the couch, and even moving will seem like a chore to you. If you are a more experienced cannabis user, then you are well aware of what this stage is like and are still functional in whatever you need to do that day, but novice smokers should probably just take it easy and relax. The munchies will be in full force, so it is highly recommended to eat something.


Getting to the 8th level is even a step further than being baked. This level on the rating scale is something that you should be prepared for. Hitting the blazed stage will typically cause you to feel like you are out of your mind. Things will start to feel surreal and not make any sense to you. You might start paying way too much attention to things that aren’t there, like auditory sounds. If you aren’t ready for this stage, it might wipe you off your feet. It’s recommended to be prepared for it, and getting to this stage can be an unusual experience for beginners. You will most likely start to also feel like you could use a nap.

Man, I can’t even high right now

Hitting this stage will mean that you should be prepared to lose feelings and touch with reality. It takes a good weed to reach level 9, or just a lot of it. You will start to see everything in an illuminating way. A lot of things will start becoming completely oblivious to you and lack any sense of meaning, but at the same time, your mind will start to shift towards thoughts of how the world is all connected. You might keep thinking about what the point of life is. Or if it’s only you that feels that way when you consume cannabis. Even thinking in general nearly becomes a chore. If you’ve ever been at this stage, you know exactly what it is like. These feelings can be pretty exciting, but they will also be compounded by you just wanting to chill out. It’s recommended to just ride the high out.

I’m way too high right now

If you make it to level 10, there is a good chance that you won’t even remember getting that far. Have you ever experienced being way too high? There are a few methods out there to get through level 10, but wow. Getting to this level is not really something that you want to achieve. Hitting this stage can feel like you nearly took LSD. You might even think you are going to die from an overdose and decide to call the cops on yourself.

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