Vancouver’s Havn Life announces first psilocybin mushroom harvest in Jamaica

Vancouver biotechnology company Havn Life will export yield to UBC-based Delic Labs for quality control and testing.

Havn Life aims to deliver psilocybin to markets in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Photo by Yarygin/Getty Images


On May 4 this year, Havn Life Sciences Inc. announced that its psilocybin mushroom facility in Jamaica has become fully operational.

The facility functions as a mycology lab and growing site, putting the Vancouver-based biotechnology company on track to produce psilocybin, a psychedelic compound.

In a media release at the time, Havn Life stated that it is working with local partner Hypha Wellness, a Jamaican-based food and psychoactive mushroom producer.

Psilocybin is the psycheleic substance found in so-called magic mushrooms.

The compound is believed to be effective in therapy to treat a range of mental health issues, like depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Later on July 27, the company announced that it signed an agreement with another Jamaican company to pack psilocybin for export.

It contracted P.A. Benjamin Manufacturing Company, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, to package the product for shipment to Canada, U.S., and Europe.

Havn Life has started to reap the fruits of its labour.

In a media release Tuesday (August 3), the company announced the harvest of its first crop of psilocybin mushrooms.

“This is the moment we have been tirelessly working towards,” Havn Life CEO Tim Moore said in the release.

The crop will be packaged by company partner P.A. Benjamin, and shipped to UBC-based Delic Labs for quality testing.

The release explained that Delic Labs is a federally-authorized psilocybin and cannabis research laboratory.

The lab was founded by chemist Markus Roggen, and UBC’s Glenn Sammis.

“Psilocybin mushrooms are exciting and challenging botanicals with major medical potential,” Roggen said in the release.

Havn Life chief psychedelic officer Ivan Casselman said in the same release that this “first harvest feels celebratory after an intense period of work”.

In 2020, Health Canada granted an exemption to Havn Life’s subsidiary under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to possess pure psilocybin for scientific research.

The company trades in the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol HAVN.

As of this post, its shares are trading at $0.40 each.

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