Hash fan? Tremblant Cannabis craft hash is available in Ontario at last

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Tremblant Cannabis

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Tremblant Cannabis, which is a sub-division of Laurentian Organic Inc., has partnered with Ontario Cannabis Store to make its premium hash available both online and in stores this month. 

According to the company’s co-founder and president Eric Brosseau, the THC level of the hash to hit the stores in Ontario ranges between 38%–45%, and it will be available in packages of under two grams. 

Marijuana enthusiasts in Ontario will be pleased to know that the company’s handmade hash products have a rich terpene flavour and are unique in colour and texture, making for an exquisite smoking experience.  

Tremblant Cannabis has had immense success with its premium hash sales in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, seeing record growth across both markets. Moreover, the company is dominating the Quebec market and outselling its competitors month after month. 

Eric Brosseau attributes the company’s continued success to multiple factors, including its dedication to maintaining a high standard of product quality and its refined manufacturing process. 

He stated that the company is quick to address customer feedback on social media and provide adequate support. The team at Tremblant Cannabis is dedicated to addressing any issues and customer feedback, making it a favourite among consumers. Check out his interview with NOW Magazine below for more details:

Tremblant Cannabis is a part of a very small group of AAA craft cultivators and hash producers dedicated to bringing premium quality cannabis products to the Canadian market. According to the co-founder, grower, and VP of R&D Mathieu Lahaie, he started his first company in 2013 and spent over 10 years perfecting the craft of cannabis production. 

Lahaie states he is proud to be working alongside some of the industry’s most knowledgeable growers. The team boasts more than 60 years of combined experience and cultivates a strong culture of knowledge-sharing. According to Eric Brosseau, it’s the combination of amazing people, efficient management, and good leadership that makes the team perform on such a high level. 

Tremblant Cannabis is already one of the top cannabis brands in Quebec, and it’s doing very well in Saskatchewan and Manitoba too. So far, the team has received very positive feedback from customers and aims to satisfy the needs of Ontario consumers as well. Brusseau also mentions that their flower product will soon hit the Australian cannabis market.  

The team at Tremblant Cannabis has been perfecting its products for over 30 years now. They combine traditional and modern approaches to manufacturing to bring superb hash products to Canadian marijuana lovers. And since craft hash is something of a rarity in Ontario, the company is very excited about this week’s launch. 

For those still in the dark, hashish is made by mixing trichomes and oil extracted from cannabis flowers. The result is a small, brownish product that can be consumed with a vaporizer or a hash pipe, or it can be mixed with marijuana, tobacco, or both in some cases.

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