How do you go legit without losing your edge? Ghost Drops is doing that right now.

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Ghost Drops poised to disrupt the legal market; acquires global industry expert Gene Bernaudo to lead the charge


Having already built underground notoriety in the legacy market, iconic cannabis brand Ghost Drops is now preparing to disrupt the legal market.

The brand with the rebellious edge is launching into an entirely new realm, but will be bringing with it its disruptive energy, its exclusive genetics catalogue and its partnerships with award-winning cultivators and geneticists. 

To lead the market transition, Ghost Drops has recruited Gene Bernaudo as its Chief Executive Officer and interim Chief Operating Officer. Formerly Ignite’s president and global head of cannabis, global cannabis expert Bernaudo brings his extensive business experience establishing and growing cannabis brands in Canada to Ghost Drops. And he’s eager to get started.

“The news we’re transitioning to the legal market might come as a shock to some of our fan base,” Bernaudo says. “But we actually believe the news will be received well, seeing as this transition was motivated by our determination to make our products more accessible for our customers. Ultimately, everything we do, we do for our ‘GhostFam’ community.”

That community is nothing to be sniffed at, he notes. “With over 20,000 Instagram followers, 80,000 website subscribers and a 78% returning customer rate, it’s easy to see how Ghost Drops has become one of the most loved and respected cannabis brands in the Canadian market.”

With Bernaudo on board, Ghost Drops is planning to accomplish something the legal market has been trying to achieve since its inception: the large-scale conversion of loyal legacy customers to the legal market. Bernaudo promises the company’s quality and innovation will never change; it’ll just be more accessible than ever.

“This is about changing things up, disrupting the status quo,” he says. “This play is part of our fight for the people – for our customers and future customers, our geneticists and cultivators, our industry, and for everyone who wants to see a different future for cannabis. We’re fighting to change the system: to dismantle stigmas and stereotypes, to elevate cannabis culture and give voice to our community.”

The company plans to be active in the legal market by the end of 2021, launching with a product they already know people love. 

“Consumers can expect to see our famous First Class Funk, bred by Compound Genetics, hunted by our legacy partner Cultivating Happiness, and commercialized to scale by Mother Labs,” Bernaudo says. “As you can see, we are not cutting any corners and delivering our famous bangers right out of the gate.” 

Other strains and formats are in the pipeline as well. And if you’re a loyal Ghost Drops consumer worried the company’s attitude and perspective is going to change now that it’s entered the legal market, Bernaudo wants you to know that’s just not part of the plan.

“Our authenticity stems from the essence of our operations,” he says. “Passionately crafting cannabis, proudly building communities, and fearlessly challenging opinions. We are confident in our ability to maintain our essence and hold true to the values that have built this brand to where it is today.”

Bernaudo isn’t worried that the legal market will change Ghost Drops. If anything, he says, Ghost Drops will change the legal market.

“We are what the legal market was always supposed to be.”

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