Ghost Drops brings Cannabis to the Digital Space with Crypto Drops

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Crypto Drops Breeder Packs

Crypto Drops Breeder Packs


Recently, Ghost Drops has revolutionized banking with it’s latest innovation, Crypto Drops, in collaboration with QNTMPAY banking partners. 

Through this partnership, Ghost Drops will  launch their Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform Crypto Drops, once again blazing the trail with the new platform. This collaboration  makes them a pioneer brand as the first cannabis-focused NFT marketplace. 

Crypto Drops will launch in two parts. The initial phase will involve converting the legacy strain art into unique digital NFTs. The company released the legacy strain art because of its popularity with the consumers and as a way of welcoming loyal consumers into the family. Cannabis connoisseurs can now preserve the brand’s heritage with their purchases as Ghost Drops phases out the non-compliant legacy strain art from their packaging. 

“I love that our original fans have this opportunity to own a piece of the Ghost Drops legacy with our strain art. This way, the history of the Ghost can live on with the fans who helped us get here,” says Gene Bernaudo, CEO of Ghost Drops. The second phase will involve the launch of a virtual gaming world where connoisseurs can become Cannabis traders. This move will bridge the gap between cannabis collectors, cultivators, and gamers. There is a historical relationship between cannabis and gaming. Crypto Drops honors this age-old union with the creation of this gamified world. In this virtual gaming space, consumers can own a simulated cannabis plantation. They get a digital breeder pack of sought-after cannabis seeds for buying and selling. They can also experiment by cross-breeding with other strains in the simulation—now is their time to get creative.

Bernaudo notes that Ghost Drops has been a cultural icon in Canadian cannabis. This move to banking, NFTs, and cryptocurrency will take their influence on the industry to the next level. To get there, they have partnered with fintech industry leaders QNTMPAY. 

QNTMPAY is an experienced digital bank which makes it an ideal choice as a partner for Crypto Drops. The company has built an avant-garde cybersecurity system with a customized banking service. This will ensure Crypto Drops customers can join the cannabis NFT movement with the ease of making a regular online purchase. While many NFTs must be bought using cryptocurrency, with QNTMPAY users can use regular online payment methods like debit and credit cards. 

Adam Pearsall, the founder of QNTMPAY, says there are Ghost Mastercards for customers to make the most of their purchases by earning Ghost Cash as part of a loyalty program. Consumers can redeem points whenever they use QNTMPAY for a transaction. Pearsall assured loyal customers they could convert their Ghost Dots to the new Ghost Cash. Pearsall says, “Crypto Drops is going to transform the cannabis space, both in a cultural sense and also with how money changes hands. QNTMPAY is excited to be a part of this venture, as we bring our cutting-edge banking technology to this game-changing partnership.”

We look forward to seeing more groundbreaking innovations from Ghost Drops

To learn more about Ghost Drops you can find them online at and on Instagram @ghostdropsofficial.

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