Gaia works on eco-friendly composite material with cannabis fibre

Vancouver company seeks to create added value as well as contribute to sustainability.

Cannabis fibre can be used for a range of uses. Handatko/Getty Images


Heightened concerns around the environment have sharpened focus on creating sustainable alternatives.

These include the development of novel materials for industrial, construction and other applications, which are renewable, degradable, and use less energy to manufacture.

Fibre from plants provides an option to synthetic materials such as nylon, thereby representing a green choice.

Gaia Grow Corp. does a range of work with cannabis and hemp, from processing to retail.

In a media release, the Vancouver-headquartered company reported on the progress of its development of bio-composites using hemp.

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that contains CBD and traces of the psychoactive substance THC.

Gaia stated that it completed the first phase of the project to create bio-composite material, which is basically a combination of organic matter.

“Interest in industrial applications of bio-composites is growing rapidly for applications such as automobiles, aerospace, construction, military applications, packaging, railway coach, and fundamental research,” the company related in the media release Wednesday (November 3).

Moreover, “The benefits of bio-composites, including being renewable, cheap, recyclable, and possibly biodegradable fuels increased market interest.”

Gaia explained that biofibres are the principal components of bio-composites.

“Advocates of bio-composites state that use of these materials improve health and safety in their production, are lighter in weight and are environmentally superior to traditional sources,” Gaia stated.

The company’s Edmonton-based subsidiary Canna Stream Solutions Ltd. has partnered with Enagon Inc., an Alberta company, for the bio-composite development project.

“Both Canna Stream and Enagon will continue to further develop the creation of a truly renewable and biodegradable bio-composite,” Gaia stated.

Gaia trades in the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol GAIA.

As of this post, GAIA shares are $0.03 each.

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