Feeling down? Here are 10 activities to heighten your high

If you’re feeling blue, combine your favourite strain of cannabis with these activities to up the sensation of well-being

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For cannabis lovers, the sensation of wellbeing that comes from a good high happens when tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) tricks the brain into delivering a dose of dopamine.

Nice one, THC.

Other neurochemicals – oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin – join dopamine to complete the happy feeling.

Like dopamine, they are released based on what we’re doing. So, if you’re feeling down, the right activities can bring on an additional chemical dump.

1. Spark and smile

As a cannabis consumer, you’ve likely experienced the perma-grin scenario where you just can’t stop smiling. This might look bonkers but smiling actually boosts your mood, according to the facial feedback hypothesis. This idea pondered since the 1800s suggests that smiling also causes the brain to think it’s happy. So a smile can turn into a smile that can turn into a smile. So spark and smile for immediate results.

2. Of course, sex

From solo adventures to collaborative copulation, sex triggers the release of happy chemicals in the body. With confidence boosting THC as a warm-up,  the oxytocin release from a good ole orgasm can help you feel more connected to your partner for up to 48 hours.

3. Get a massage

Even a rub down of your hands or feet can make your high brighter. That’s because physical touch causes an immediate reaction in your brain releasing endorphins and reducing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Adding THC to the experience alters blood flow to the cerebellum, which can result in even more intense sensations.

4. Pump up your dance jam

If your crap mood makes it hard to lie still for a massage, a few minutes of pumping up your dance jam will create a feeling of fun and power. THC released dopamine gives you an extra confidence boost.

5. Mix it up

Mixing cannabis with a companion makes for a total mood mender. For an extra dose of happy, make sure the buddy you call on has a great sense of humour.

6. Laugh in

From giggles to guffaws, research shows that you are 30 per cent more likely to laugh when you’re in the company of others. And if your company consumes cannabis, there is a 100 per cent chance of fun in the forecast.

7. Turn procrastination into positivity

If your downer mood makes you cringe at the idea of being around people, making progress on a task, like tidying a closet, rearranging furniture or organizing records is a great way to turn procrastination into positivity.

8. Crank some tunes

Thanks to THC’s impact on the cerebellum, listening to music or even recalling music can start a big dopamine release.

9. Take a bath

There’s nothing like a hot soak to wash away the sad. Add a favourite indica strain, ditch the fluorescents for the warm glow of a candle and you’ve got all the ingredients to take in the silence.

10. Pound some beats

If you’ve got energy to burn, pound some beats to up your mood. Group activities, like drumming recreationally or socially in a drum circle, will push your physical limits and make you feel warm, fuzzy and supported.

No matter what is causing your melancholy mood, choosing the right activities and the right strain of cannabis can be just what you need.



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