Father’s Day gift suggestions for your cannabis-loving dad

There almost as many types of dads as there are strains of Mary Jane, and we’ve taken that into account


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We realize that keeping track of what day it is has been something of a challenge for the past few months, so you may be surprised to learn that next Sunday (June 21) is Father’s Day. And with the world ever-so-slowly emerging from COVID-19 lockdown, you might even get to see your dad. Like, in person. Not over FaceTime or a Zoom call.

That’s a pretty exciting prospect until you remember that next Sunday is, after all, Father’s Day, and you’re on the hook to give a gift of some kind to the man responsible for your very existence. There are the old standbys, of course, ranging from a tie to a shiny new set of golf clubs. No one really needs another pair of “stylishly whimsical” socks.

If, on the other hand, your dad happens to be a cannabis connoisseur, you might prefer to consider one of the following Father’s Day gift suggestions. There are almost as many types of dad as there are strains of Mary Jane, and we’ve taken that into account.

You can thank us later.

For the stylishly whimsical dad

Cheech and Chong socks by Good Luck Sock.

Cheech and Chong socks

Okay, we’re breaking one of our own rules right off the bat, kicking off our list of Father’s Day gift suggestions with a pair of socks. Socks are awesome, though, and these ones feature the high priests of stoner comedy, Cheech and Chong. We like the design, and we also like the fact that Good Luck Sock is a Canadian company, based in Edmonton. You know who else is from Edmonton? Tommy Chong. Betcha didn’t know that.

The only thing that could make these socks even more appropriate for your weed-loving dad is if they were made of hemp—although the blend of polyester, cotton, elastic, and Spandex is probably more stretchy. (Find them here.)

For dads with a sweet tooth

Faded Edibles THC fruit gummies

Faded Edibles THC fruit gummies

Some people get the munchies when they’re high, and others get the munchies when they want to get high. If your dear papa falls into the second category, he would probably appreciate some gummies from Faded Edibles. The fruit pack comes with four flavours, none of which is likely to taste a damn thing like actual fruit, but who cares? It’s candy.

Each pack of eight gummies contains 240 mg of THC, which—according to our calculator—should mean that each piece delivers 30 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol. And probably more sugar than your dad really needs, but it’s Father’s Day! Let the old man live a little. (Find them here.)

For the cinephile dad

Reefer madness framed art print

Reefer Madness art print

By today’s standards—and by the standards of its own day, to anyone with the facts—Reefer Madness is laughable. Ostensibly a cautionary tale about the dangers of cannabis use, the 1936 production is really a seedy exploitation flick. In the film, pushers lure innocent high-schoolers into the underworld of marijuana. Naturally, terrible things ensue, from a hit-and-run accident to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, hallucinations, and a descent into madness.

Reefer Madness has become a midnight-screening classic, and an ironic touchstone for cannabis lovers and cult-film fanatics alike. If your dad happens to be both of those things, he’ll love this framed print based on the movie’s original poster. (Find it here.)

For the pet-loving dad

Turmeric and pumpkin Bully Bites from Miss Envy

Bully Bites

We’ve all heard about what cannabidiol can do for humans—its proponents attest that it has anti-inflammatory and anxiety-busting effects, and some even say it’s useful in sports medicine. What can CBD do for dogs? The science isn’t all in yet, but studies have suggested that your pop’s canine companion can get many of the same benefits from CBD that his beloved owner does. According to anecdotal stories from pet owners, CBD can be useful in treating pain and controlling seizures, among other things.

On the other hand, your dad’s four-legged buddy might just enjoy the flavour of these treats from the Vancouver-based Miss Envy brand. They’re made of oats, pumpkin, turmeric, decarboxylated hemp, coconut oil, and black pepper. All the ingredients are certified organic and fair trade, with no artificial colours, flavours, additives, or preservatives—because your dad deserves the best and so does his best friend. (Find them here.)

For your eco-conscious dad

Canniloq Transcend aluminum alloy 120 CC canister in Sapphire Blue.

Canniloq reusable containers

Where does your dad keep his stash? Be honest: you knew the answer to this question long before you were responsible enough to be trusted with the information. Chances are, he keeps his weed in a disposable plastic baggie or some other nonrecyclable container.

Where does all that plastic end up when he tosses it in the trash? Places it shouldn’t be. (Just like you, when you were younger and snooping around wherever your dad kept his stash.) Colorado-based Canniloq makes containers that are reusable, sterilizable, dishwasher-safe, and airtight.

The aluminum version comes in two sizes—80cc and 120cc—and is available in Onyx Black, Sapphire Blue, and Sand Silver. There’s also a 120cc reinforced-polymer model in Jet Black.

And, just in case you have any younger siblings still running (or crawling, or snooping) around, Canniloq’s containers are child-resistant. (Find them here.)

For stressed-out dads

MOTA 1:1 Tincture.

MOTA 1:1 Tincture

This Father’s Day, give the gift of relaxation. This tincture from Mota contains equal parts THC and CBD—500 mg of each per bottle—in a base of organic grape-seed oil. The Vancouver Island–based company says it will help relieve stress, pain, and appetite loss. Also, arthritis. Hey, your old man’s not getting any younger, you know. (Find it here.)

For the dad with a green thumb

Purple Kush Seeds from Toronto Cannabis Seeds.

Purple Kush seeds

CannCentral’s own database of strains describes Purple Kush as a “subtle and sweet” hybrid of Hindu Kush and Pure Afghani, with smokers reporting “a slow and steady high that is long-lasting and perfect for sleeplessness and physical relaxation”. You know what else is good for relaxation? Gardening. That makes cannabis seeds a perfect Father’s Day gift. After all, if your old man can grow mint and lavender and tomatoes, there’s no reason he shouldn’t try his hand at growing his own weed.

Toronto Cannabis Seeds rates growing Purple Kush as “easy to moderate”, and notes that the strain has an “extremely high” THC level—measuring up to 27.51 percent. Woo-hoo! (Find them here.)

For your culinary dad

Edibles by Stephanie Hua.

Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen

This Father’s Day, tell your dad to get baked.

Oops, I mistyped. What I meant to say was, tell your dad to get baking.

Give him this cookbook by Stephanie Hua and Coreen Carroll and he’ll be able to do just that. Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen includes instructions for creating master cannabis ingredients such as magical butter and oils, as well as detailed information on dosage and portions.

Armed with that info, Dad will be able to dive into 30 low-dose recipes, including chocolate-hazelnut spread (move over, Nutella), strawberry-jam pavlova, and green eggs and ham. And he’d better share the results! (Find it here.)

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