What Are The Various Different Qualities Of Cannabis?

Finding the best quality cannabis can sometimes be a difficult task if you aren’t familiar with what to look for.

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Finding the best quality cannabis can sometimes be a difficult task if you aren’t familiar with what to look for. Knowing the name of a certain strain of weed and just looking at it can only go so far in being able to tell the overall quality of it. One could write a whole book on the exact things to look out for in determining the quality of cannabis that is being analyzed. There are a bunch of terms that are used to describe each and every classification of weed and if you educate yourself on all of the surrounding information on the many different qualities of it, then you will save money, time, and frustration.

Reggie Weed

If you’re on the lookout for weed that is better than your first disappointing encounters with it behind your old high school, you should run for the hills if someone you are buying off of says the term, Reggie.

One of the very first things that you will notice when you see Reggie cannabis is how dry, wilted, and ugly it appears. Also, it is packed with seeds and stems and these are simply things you don’t want to be consuming. The scent if often very gross, and often completely lacks correlation to how cannabis should even smell. Many people describe it as being just like hay. You’ll probably be hit by a painful sensation in your lungs after your first toke and it will hurt a lot more than higher-quality cannabis. Reggie has a THC content that is very low, and by the time you are done smoking this weed, you will wonder if the experience was even worth it at all.

Reggie cannabis is typically always dry, disheartening, and dusty. Most of the time it is grown outdoors, and you can tell right away that the grower put no care into it. Some situations it can be useful, such as if it is the first time a person has ever smoked weed before, but more often than not, the experience just ends in disappointment. Reggie weed is very cheap to purchase, and also very accessible. This is what generally makes it the first strain a person usually tries when they are introduced to weed. Because of the low THC content in it, newer consumers won’t get super blazed from it.

Mid-Grade Bud

After Reggie weed, the level just above that is known as mid-grade bud. This is typically well-received throughout the cannabis community. Mid refers to cannabis that is in the middle tier of quality, which means that it is higher in quality than Reggie cannabis but not as good as top-shelf. A lot of weed consumers purchase mid-grade weed because of its price, while still having the ability to get decently high off it.

Mid-grade bud has a fair amount of trichomes covering it. It is these trichomes that cause the psychoactive nature of the high for consumers in addition to the terpene flavours profiles that are unique to each and every strain. Mid-grade weed doesn’t contain an extremely high THC level, but it is still a noticeable step up from Reggie weed.

Users will still be able to get the various medicinal and recreational benefits from mid-grade weed, but they won’t have the fullest experience that the higher quality stuff can provide. Mid-grade weed has a decent fragrance to it and doesn’t usually contain stems or seeds scattered throughout it as Reggie weed does. The fragrance and appearance of cannabis is usually a good indicator of how good of quality you are getting. Ensure to always take a good look and smell of your mid-grade weed before making the final purchase.

If someone just wants to get a decent high without wanting to spend too much money on the higher end, fancy stuff, then mid-grade weed is the ideal choice. It’s affordable for the new or mediocre weed user that isn’t huge into it and wants to save some money.

Top-Shelf Cannabis

Cannabis that is considered top-shelf is where you start to get into the really fantastic stuff. The aroma of it is very strong and pungent and the buds are dense and fat. Typically it is completely coated in trichomes. The high that you get from top-shelf weed is much more pleasant and potent than the lower quality types because of the potent and complex terpene profiles and richness in trichomes.

Normally this bud is a bright colour and your hands will be sticky after touching it. The bud can smell a number of different ways depending on the specific strain and its terpene profiles, but the simple fact of the matter is that it should smell powerful. In most cases, it should also taste very good. Some of the common scents in top-shelf bud are citrus, earth, and wood aromas. Top-shelf marijuana is also substantially higher in THC content than Reggie and mid-grade weed.

Top-shelf weed should also smoke better. It will most likely be easier on the lungs and you won’t have to smoke as much to feel the effects in comparison to having to smoke large quantities of Reggie weed just to feel anything at all. The only thing to note is that there is a chance of getting really high on top-shelf weed, but the overall synergy from the many different cannabinoids in it should typically make you feel balanced.


Over the years, interest in exotic weed has really increased because of the simpler and more convenient access that people have to weed. Exotic strains have very potent fragrances and flavour profiles. They also usually come in high THC levels and contain unique origination stories.

An example of this is Snowcap. This is an exotic strain that has origins in Afghanistan and the THC level can reach up to 22%. Snowcap is a very hairy strain and users will be able to taste backdrops of menthol and citrus in it. It has therapeutic properties that will relieve people of pain while increasing mood. Another common strain on the exotic list is called Bubba Kush. This strain has a THC content of somewhere between 15 and 22%. Bubba Kush is densely coated in trichomes that contain a lot of resin. It is an indica dominant strain that is best used for relaxing. The origins of it are based on the Hindu Kush mountain range.

Comparing The Prices Of Cannabis

The majority of people will be just fine with purchasing mid-grade weed. You can almost just glance at weed and be able to tell the quality of it to philtre out the higher and lower quality selections. For people that are trying to save some money and don’t smoke that much, mid-grade weed is a perfect choice. An eighth of it should run you about $25 in most dispensaries. If you keep an eye out for deals at your weed shops, you might be able to find deals on top-shelf cannabis without going over your budget. Checking out Wikileaf will also help you keep a good idea of pricing.

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