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Wax is a soft, golden-colored concentrate that is produced from extracted oils from marijuana plants. the texture can sometimes be soft like budder, while other times it can feel more on the firm side like crumble. Wax concentrate is known to be very potent and can reach up to 90% in THC content. Beginners to cannabis use or people that don’t know their tolerance level should exercise caution when first trying out wax and the best advice is to start low and go slow.

Wax concentrate is typically made through exposing cannabis plant material to a solvent like butane, CO2, ethanol, or water. This process separates the cannabinoids from the plant matter. The solvent is then purged and removed from the concentrate to leave a pure and potent product.

Although it sounds like a simple process, it is actually very complicated and sometimes dangerous. People have accidentally exploded areas of their homes trying to make wax concentrates on their own. Wax is commonly consumed through vaporizers, dabbing, and edibles. Wax is known to affect users in the same way that cannabis does, but just on a much more potent and intense scale. The user will require much less product to feel the effects and it will kick in much faster.

Because of the high kicking in so fast, wax is desirable among medical patients. It’s also ideal for users who have a high tolerance to cannabis and require higher concentrations of THC to feel anything. Wax typically costs more than other cannabis products because of its high THC content. Where a gram of dry cannabis will cost 10$, the same amount of wax might cost three of four times that.

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I dabbed some wax earlier today with my dab rig and it usually takes me a lot of dry cannabis to get high, but with wax, I consumed barely anything and felt the effects.

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