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Water hash

Water hash is a very concentrated form of marijuana that is fairly high in THC that started around the 1980s. It is also known as bubble hash or ice water hash. It is used by putting it on a joint, vaping, or dabbing. It is a highly refined form of hash. When water hash is consumed, it creates bubbles, and that’s how it received its name.

A Canadian hash innovator that was nicknamed Bubble Man created the system used to produce Bubble Hash. Water Hash has thousands of trichomes that almost look like brown sugar in the granulated form. It is usually measured to have a THC content of around 30% to 60%. It is a solventless extract that has doesn’t use any chemicals to extract the THC out of the plants.

Most of the concentrates out there are extracted with solvents such as alcohol, CO2, butane, ethanol, and propane. Compared to other concentrates, water hash isn’t as strong. 30% to 60% THC content is still a fairly high amount, but solvent-based extracts can reach up to the range of 60% to 80%. THC isolate has said to be able to reach 99%. Water hash does, however, rank high in terpenes.

A few different types of water hash exist. Trim-processed water hash is of the lowest quality and takes longer to burn. Bud processed water hash is the highest quality and is produced from whole buds. Water has been reported to leave the user with an incredible sense of euphoria. Some users prefer to smoke water hash because it doesn’t have any of the negative after-effects that can sometimes occur. One reason is that it is pure THC, and another reason could be because no solvents are used to make it.

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I always get such a crazy high from using water hash.

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