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Washing Machine

Washing machine is a term in the cannabis field that is used to refer to a tool used for making bubble hash. Many people have been searching for ways to improve the process of ice water hash separation since the launch of the water hash market.

The washing machine agitates the plant material for you which makes it a fairly easy and convenient process. In the beginning, basic tools were used to extract the trichomes from the plant material, such as spoons and handheld kitchen mixers, including drills with mortar pieces. It was all fun and productive, but it took a lot of time to get the job done.

Several minor changes can tyrn a regular washing machine into an ice water hash separation device that produces a high-quality hash. Ideally, start with a new washing machine, but if you can’t then it is recommended to give it a good clean beforehand to rinse out all of the potential residue and chemicals.

Some people purchase a new washing machine solely used for making hash. Many people haven’t heard of this method, but it is said to prodce decent hash. It is important to ensure that all steps are followed to prevent any potential messes that can sometimes occur with this method.

Use of Term

I tried to use my washing machine to make hash last week but it turned out to be a complete failure. I don’t know if I didn’t follow the online tutorial properly or what, but now my washing machine is full of resin and it will take a lot of effort to clean that thing out. I think the cannabis leaked out of the screen bags that were suggested.

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