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Vaporization is that process responsible for turning cannabis concentrate or plant material from its solid form into a vapor mist that you can inhale. Vaporization has rapidly grown in popularity since it first became known and is widely used among medicinal marijuana users. In the vaporization process, marijuana needs to be heated up to the point of 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

This high of a temperature is what heats up the cannabinoids, causing them to turn into a vapor without having to ignite them. The vapor can then be inhaled without having to consume the negative effects that sometimes occur when using a combustion method of consumption like a joint.

Vaporization is known to be more smooth on the respiratory tract than combustible methods and it is a cleaner way to reap all the benefits of the cannabinoids in cannabis. Vapor is known to consist of 95% pure cannabinoids while cannabis smoke contains nearly 88% of non-cannabinoid substances. Vaporization is known to be a better way to experience the full and complete taste of various strains of cannabis. Vaporizers are typically battery-operated, but you can also plug them in.

There are a variety of different devices that can be used for vaporization. Pen vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and stationary vaporizers are some of the few notable ones. With portable vaporizers, convenience is seen at the biggest benefit of them. They are recommended for people that travel or are on the go a lot. Most of them are rechargeable as well. Pen vaporizers resemble the shape of an e-cigarette and are discrete, cheap, and portable. Stationary vaporizers are mostly plug-in devices that stay at home but offer a high-quality experience.

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I just picked up a new vaporizer and vaporization of the cannabis I used with it happened within ten minutes of the purchase.

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