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Vape Cartridge

Vape cartridges are used in many cannabis vaporizers, vape pens, and wax pens. They add a measure of functionality, portability, and overall ease of using the products that you enjoy most. Vape cartridges have picked up speed in recent years and have made cannabis concentrate a quick and easy solution for beginner and seasoned cannabis users.

A cannabis vape cartridge makes things so easy because all you have to really do is push a button and inhale. Much of the time, battery life is of little concern. Cannabis cartridges are pre-filled so you will spend little time guessing and more time inhaling. Vape cartridges are extremely portable and allow the user to pretty much bring them wherever they go. They are fairly small and if you need to be discreet, they are the way to go.

One thing to note about that use of cartridges is that sometimes the dosing can be a little tricky. Things like pre-loaded vape pens give the user a more controlled dose, but vape cartridges can sometimes lead to an uncomfortable experience if you consume too much. A vaporizer cartridge needs the correct contents in it for it to function at its peak capacity. If they are too thick, it won’t work properly. Vape cartridges need top-grade C02 in the oils that are compatible with the cartridges.

The distillate in cannabis needs to be refined to a high degree and for it to be successfully used in vape cartridges, an agent to thin it is required. Additives need to be used in the cartridges to thin out the oil. Sometimes propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or coconut oil is used to keep a decent consistency in the oil. The downside to using these additives is that they have sparked up a measure of controversy lately, and are showing up less on the market.

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