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Vape refers to breathing in and breathing out vapor that is produced from an electronic cigarette, vaporizer, e-nail, dag rig, or vape pen. Vapes contain a heating element that will vaporize the ingredients in cannabis and provide a convenient, quick, non-combustible and smooth way to consume your favorite strains.

Vapes allow medical users to consume potent cannabis strains in the form of concentrates and extracts. Vaping has been around for longer than people would think and it really just refers to the act of inhaling vapor and then exhaling the aerosols that are produced by a vaporizer. It is a smokeless way to consume cannabis or tobacco and is a great way to enjoy the flavors of cannabis to the full extent.

Some studies have revealed that the combustion of cannabis plant material creates airborne carcinogens that can potentially enter the body. The desired cannabinoids found in cannabis are released when it is heated up to a certain degree and no combustion of any plant material is required. This makes vaping a very ideal method for those that want to stay away from the smoking methods.

Vape pens and direct-draw vaporizers are known to be the most popular devices that are used for vaping. Many cannabis users still say that there’s no best way to consume cannabis, but some evidence does prove that vaping increases the terpene flavors and intake of cannabinoids. One study that was conducted in 2004 by the Journal of Cannabis Therapies found that vaporization was a strong method of delivery of cannabinoids while at the same time, suppressing the other harmful compounds that are present in the combustion methods of consumption.

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Ever since I started to vape, I don’t think I have rolled a single joint or used by bong once. Vaping is just so easy and convenient.

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