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Vacuum Oven

A vacuum oven is a device that is used to dry out cannabis during the post-harvesting process to make sure that the end result is of high quality. Vacuum ovens reduce the chances that mold or mildew will occur and because of the final product being higher quality, it takes a shorter amount of time to market. Vacuum ovens aren’t only specific to the cannabis industry.

They can be used to dry out practically any type of fruit, vegetable, or herb. The oven provides a drying process that is very delicate to the plant and assists in the removal of flammable solvents. Vacuum ovens are also able to remove concentrates of leftover solvents like butane and CO2 before they hit the market. Vacuum ovens typically utilize a combination of negative pressure and heat that will strip concentrated materials of sovents that were used throughout the extraction process. Vacuum ovens speed the drying process of cannabis up by a fair amount.

The whole drying process can take quite some time, even if the grower is located in an environment where it is consistently hot outside. If growers live in areas that have higher humidity or lower termperatures, the drying process just isn’t possible. Vacuum ovens operate at a low heat level and are designed to draw out moisture from the cannabis plants.

They also produce a lower pressure inside the oven which will lower the temperature at which water converts into a gas. Without a vacuum oven, drying wouldn’t be able to take place at such low temperatures. Many industries utilize vacuum ovens. The aerospace industry uses them to determine how products and tools will perform in a space environment.

Use of Term

My cannabis was dried with a vacuum oven and this sped up the drying process by a huge amount.

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