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A Trim-run refers to an extract or concentrate that is produced from the trimmings of a marijuana plant. Many cannabis growers will produce large batches of trim utilizing many different extraction methods when they are left with mass quantities of stems, excess leaves, and little nuggets after harvesting is complete.

Unfortunately, trim doesn’t possess as many of the desirable cannabinoids that full and complete buds will have, but it is still said to be quite potent for some users. Some manufacturers have found that the difference between trim-runs and concentrates that are made from cannabis buds is almost negligible. Extracts that are made from trim are far less expensive than nug-runs (concentrates made from full cannabis nugs). They are known to be less expensive because manufacturers would typically consider trim as waste if they didn’t use it to produce concentrates.

There isn’t much evidence out there that proves that trim-runs provide a lesser high than nugs-runs. One of the main differences to determine if the extract was made from a trim-run or nug-run is the smell. If there isn’t much of a fragrance, then it is highly likely that the extract was made from trim-runs. Nug-runs will contain a highly pleasant smell.

The taste between the two might also be different, with extract being made from nug-runs as the most preferable. To a beginner user, they would most likely not be able to tell the difference, but for seasoned extract and concentrate users, the noticeable difference would be almost instant. Trim-runs typically possess a lower overall cannabinoid and terpene profile than nug-runs, and might even taste grassy.

Use of Term

My trim-run concentrate seems to be just as potent as the nug-run concentrate that I tried last week. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two, but the high felt the same.

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