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Trim is known as the process that occurs after harvesting cannabis that involves removing extra plant material from the cannabis plant. It is sometimes referred to as manicuring, and trimming the plants tends to result in better overall quality and a better finished product.

Smoking trim is not recommended because it can produce a harsh effect on the lungs that will make the user cough and lead to a headache. Cannabis trimmings also don’t contain the same potency as the buds. Trimmed leaves are also known as sugar leaves because they can potentially be covered in trichomes. This makes trim a viable material to be used in concentrates if it is correctly processed.

Although trim will most likely contain a lower THC content, specific extraction techniques can collect the resin from the trichomes and utilize it for edibles, extracts, and concentrates. This process has been done for ages just by irritating the leaves with sieves which removes the trichomes, and then things like hash can be made. Trim-run refers to concentrates that are made using trim.

Trimming can be done dry, which means that it will require the cannabis branches to be completely dry before the trimming can even take place, or it can be done wet, which means the drying process is skipped and trimming can beging right after harvesting is done. Wet trimming is considered to be faster, but it also causes a reduction in flavor because the cannabis will go through the curing process quicker. Dry trimming allows the plants to go through the proper curing process, but it takes a lot more work to delicately trim each leaf and stem from the dry buds without causing any damage to the trichomes.

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I just finished giving my cannabis plants a trim and they look mighty fine now.

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