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Transportation refers to the process of transferring goods from one location to another. There are many various methods of transportation ranging from ship, vehicle, and aircraft. With cannabis, transportation might involve moving bulk loads of it from a cultivator to a retail store, or just picking it up at the store and bringing ith home.

Transportation is an important thing to take into consideration in the cannabis industry because there are some rules and regulations surrounding it. If you picked up cannabis and are consuming it in a motor vehicle, it is considered to be illegal, unless you are in a parked RV. In countries like Canada, transporting cannabis is legal, but it needs to be in secure packaging that is not within the reach of the driver or any occupants.

This rule is most likely set in place to ensure that there will be no consumption while the vehicle is moving. It is similar to the rules for alcohol in vehicles. Travelling with recreational cannabis in Canada is allowed as long as it was purchased from a licensed retailer or produced in your house under the applicable regulations.

International travel with cannabis is restricted no matter what destination you are going to. This includes tourists trying to purchase recreational cannabis in Canada and then taking it across federal borders. It is almost best to just store cannabis in the trunk when you are transporting it around from place to place.

Use of Term

The transportation of my cannabis proved a little more confusing than I thought. After picking it up from the dispensary, I didn’t know that it was not allowed to be within arm’s reach, so I got pulled over for it and luckily, the police offcer let me go with a warning not to do it again.

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