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Transdermal Patch

A transdermal patch is a method of cannabis consumption that doesn’t require inhaling or ingesting in order to feel its effects. A transdermal patch is applied to a part of the body that contains veins and this gives the cannabinoids in the patch the chance to get into the bloodstream and provide the effects.

The effects from these patches are long-lasting and they are available in a number of different cannabinoids such as THC, CBN, CBD, and THCA. Consumers that opt for this method of consumption can pick and choose what type of effect they want, so if they are looking for CBD to reduce inflammation in their body, then they can pick a CBD patch. If they are seeking assistance for insomnia, they can pick a CBN patch.

Transdermal patches can offer support all day or all night because of their slow release into the body. This is ideal for medicinal patients who require long-term support instead of just a short-term fix that inhaling cannabis vapor can provide. The patch also provides a good degree of discretion because it is out of sight.

The goal of a patch is to shift the cannabinoids into the bloodstream, so a patch is designed in such a way that the cannabinoids will want to escape out of the patch. Permeation carriers are additives inside the patch that help the cannabinoids transfer into the bloodstream. All transdermal drugs contain some type of permeation enhancer because the epidermis is extremely efficient at preventing toxins and contaminants from getting in. So the permeation carrier helps to bypass that protective layer of the skin that every human has.

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I started using a transdermal patch for my chronic arthritis inflammation and I much prefer it over smoking cannabis because it lasts much longer and is more discreet.

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