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A torch is a tool that uses propane or butane to produce a steady flame. This is then used to heat up a dab nail or a banger. There are a wide range of torches available on the market and they are designed to be used safely in any type of weather.

The temperature of torches can reach up to 1,371 degrees Celsius. Torches are an absolute necessity in the world of dabbing. Though widely used, they still need to be handled with care to prevent accidentally burning your skin or lighting a fire. Commonly called dab torches, these butane torches are fairly similar to the ones that are used in the culinary world to make certain things like crème brulee. Dabbing has grown in popularity as of late, and its consumption method contains similarities to other methods of cannabis consumption. Using a dab rig kind of resembles using a bong, except that a dab of concentrate is used instead of cannabis plant material. Dab torches are similar to many other butane torches that are sold.

Regular hobbyist torches can even be used for dabbing if necessary, but a lot of companies design torches specifically for dabbing. Using a dab torch can take some practice at first. Many beginners will attempt to use the blue part of the flame to light the nail on the dab rig. Doing this will make the dab taste a lot like butane.

Cigar smokers will stray away from using butane lighters because it can do the same thing. The user needs to heat the dab indirectly. The best vaporization temperature should be around 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If it starts to glow red, then this indicates that it has been heated up too much.

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I picked up a new torch to use with my dabs.

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