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Top Shelf

Top shelf is a term used to refer to the highest quality and highest priced cannabis on the menu. Top shelf cannabis is visually pleasing to the eyes, has a pleasant fragrance, has a satisfying taste, and a very high cannabinoid content. Top shelf is sometimes referred to as loud weed due to its potent smell and extraordinary quality.

Cannabis can be measured in different ways, and THC content is a big component. Top shelf cannabis has a THC content of over 20%. Lower grades of cannabis will have nowhere near that high of an amount. Top shelf will also usually not contain stems or seeds in it whereas low-quality weed might be plagued with stems, leaves, and seeds.

Low-quality weed will also smell off and have a very forgettable taste. It will typically look darker or a shade of brownish green. This color usually means it has a lack of moisture and wasn’t stored properly. These two things cause the weed to have a lower number of cannabinoids in it. The texture in top shelf weed will be somewhat dry but just moist enough to be sticky to the touch. Looking at the trichomes on weed is a good way to determine its quality.

Trichomes contain the aroma, flavor, terpenes, and produce medicinal benefits. A magnifying glass will help you get a better look at the weed and if you see little structures that look kind of like mushrooms, then there is a good chance that you have top shelf weed. Top shelf weed usually kicks in a lot faster than lower grade weed and the high will last longer, be more euphoric, and taste amazing.

Use of Term

I purchased some top shelf weed today and it got me so high so fast that I don’t think I could ever smoke anything besides top shelf again.

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