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A tincture is known as a medication that is produced by dissolving marijuana in alcohol. They are also commonly known as golden and green dragon tinctures. Tinctures have a variety of different cannabinoids and are administered in either a beverage, sublingually, or orally. Most of the time, tinctures come packaged in tiny glass bottles that include droppers as caps for easier dosing.

Tinctures provide consumers a consumption method that doesn’t require them to inhale any smoke. They are a smokeless and easy way to go about dosing and are fairly popular in the medicinal marijuana industry because of that. They are also convenient to store and transport. Tinctures can be mixed in foods or drinks like smoothies, soups, teas, and even salad dressings. They contain very few calories, which is another welcome benefit for those who are watching their diet.

The most convenient way for users to consume tinctures is via a sublingual. With the sublingual route, the effects kick in faster because the medication is going straight into the bloodstream. Determining the correct dose can take a little trial and error, but the included dropper that most tinctures come with lets the consumer know how much they use.

The best advice for users that have never tried a tincture before is to start low at around 1mL. You place the drop under your tongue and hold it there for around half a minute, then swallow. Just like edibles, tinctures that are mixed into food will typically take a little longer to kick in because they are absorbed through the digestive process. The first recorded use of a tincture was in around 1843.

Use of Term

I like to use a tincture via the sublingual because the effects kick in really quick and I don’t have to inhale in any smoke.

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