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Three-Chambered Grinder

A three-chambered grinder has three different parts that separate the cannabis bud and is also a useful tool to catch the kief. Grinders are tools with sharp teeth that break up cured cannabis buds into tiny pieces that are easier to consume. Ground-up cannabis allows for better airflow and gives more access to the trichomes.

Some three-chambered grinders have include screens in them that leaves the best and finest material in the bottom chamber. The grinders are portable, hand-held, and some different materials used to make them are aluminum, acrylic, wood, zinc, and the metallic ones are preferred by most.

In the top level of the grinder, that cannabis is inserted and in most cases, it is accessible by a screw-top lid. The sharp teeth will grind up the cannabis and once it is all ground up, it will fall into the second chamber. The second chamber has a screen that the user can remove and the kief falls through it. With the kief, the user can bake it, smoke it, or use it to produce rosin. There are many varieties of three-chambered grinders, and many different sizes as well.

An employee that works at a dispensary might use a large 3 or 4-inch grinder to speed things up, while a solo user might just need a smaller one for themselves. If a cannabis user doesn’t have any type of grinder at all, they can use scissors to cut up the bud to suit whatever texture or size they want. It takes a little longer using this method and doesn’t catch any kief, but it’s convenient if you won’t have access to a grinder at the time.

Use of Term

My three-chambered grinder grinds up weed so much faster than using a pair of scissors. It also lets me catch the kief so I can smoke that as well.

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