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THC Ranges

THC ranges refers to the levels of THC content in a particular strain of cannabis. Over the last two decades, cannabis potency has been steadily rising. THC content in the early 1990s averaged around 3.7%, whereas in 2013 it was 9.6%. With cannabis concentrates, THC ranges are much higher ranging from 50% THC up to over 80%.

Thought THC ranges nowadays in comparison to what it was around 40 years ago has been subject to much debate. The U.S. government has stated that potency levels have rised by 10 to 25 times in comparison to the 1960s. Nowadays, some specifically grown plants can contain up to 25% THC content.

Many different factors are involved in determining the potency of a cannabis plant such as the plant’s genetics, climate the the plant is growing in, harvesting, processing, and even the specific time when the plant is cultivated. Female plant varieties are also said to have a higher THC level than males. Because cannabis growers have been working for years to create the most potent strains possible, it seems that they have probably reached their limits. High strains of cannabis are said to have THC ranges of between 18% and 20%. If someone tells you they have a strain with a THC level of 35%, it has been suggested that you should be very skeptical.

Most balanced strains of cannabis will most likely have THC ranges of between 6% and 12%. One should usually never see a strain that has 30% THC content and 10% CBD content or one with 30% of both THC and CBD. THC ranges are a good indicator for the consumer to realize how potent a particular strain of cannabis is.

Use of Term

The THC ranges on this weed I purchased are between 6% and 12%, so it’s considered to be mediocre.

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