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Thai Stick

A Thai stick is known to be an old and ancient form of a marijuana cigar that originated in Thailand and found its popularity in the United Stated throughout the 1970s. Cured cannabis is placed on the bamboo stick, coiled in fan leaves and then joined together with hemp string.

A Thai stick can be thought of as a joint in the ancient days. Though made of different materials, the appearance of a Thai stick almost resembles a joint, which shows that the overall form has barely changed for centuries. The hill tribes from Northeast Thailand are said to be the ones responsible for the origination of Thai sticks. The exact timeline of when it was created isn’t 100% known, but it made its way to the U.S. through American surgery and Vietnam War veterans going to Thailand and coming back with Thai sticks.

By the time that the 1980s rolled around, Thai sticks faded out, but as the marijuana legalization movement sparked up, they started to rise in popularity once again. An Instagram user named Afgoo_Head is said to be responsible for the modern age Thai stick and it followed a similar pattern to the old ones.

Other marijuana cigar makers caught wind of this creation and started drafting their own marijuana cigars that are loosely based on Thai sticks. Making Thai stick is a simple and straightforward process. You coat a bamboo stick in hash oil and then press your bud around it, and then wrap it with a hemp string to hold it in place.

Once the stick is tied up at both ends, parchment paper should then be wrapped around it and kept in the fridge for a couple of days. Then, unwrap the hemp, coat the stick in hash oil, and wrap with fan leaves. Wrap it back up in parchment paper and heat it on a low temperature. Seal it in a bag and then leave in the fridge for a week and it should be good to go.

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