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Terpinolene is a terpene that is found in marijuana and is distinguishable and recognizable because of the woody fragrance it expels. Sometimes one can also smell notes of flowers and citrus from terpinolene. It is known to have a moderate sedative effect on users and it is naturally found in lilac, sage, rosemary, apple trees, tea trees, and conifer trees. Terpinolene has been subject to research for its potential antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer properties.

While it is known that some terpenes, such as phellandrene, have an energizing effect, terpinolene may cause minor drowsiness in some people. This sedative effect can potentially cause a reduction in anxiety levels as the body and mind calm down at the same time. Also, as an element of soaps and other cleaning agents, as well as fragrances, terpinolene has proved to be useful. You have most likely come across terpinolene if you have ever picked up a pine cone and smelled it. Terpinolene has been researched for its benefits in fighting cancer and tumors that are cancerous.

A study that was conducted in 1996 revealed that tea tree oil might be effective in treating yeast fungi, dandruff, and fungal infections of the skin. Because terpinolene is found to be in tea tree oil, this establishes a link showing that it can play a role. A couple of different strains that are known to contain higher levels of terpinolene in them are Royal Jack Automatic and Pineapple Kush.

Users have reported that they have had a reduction in migraine symptoms when they smoke marijuana that contained high levels of terpinolene. This might be because of terpinolene’s ability to calm the nerves and lower anxiety levels.

Use of Term

I usually like to smoke weed that is high in terpinolene because it seems to give me a relaxing sedated feeling.

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