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Terpenes refer to the compounds that give cannabis its flavor and aroma. Terpenes also have an influence on cannabinoids. They are produced inside of the trichomes, and to describe them on a scientific level, they are a big class of hydrocarbon compounds that are built out of five-carbon isoprene units that are mixed together to create a large diversity of skeletons.

The so-called skeleton molecules are acted upon by enzymes that add functionality and modified oxidation. Each strain of cannabis will have its own terpene profile and will smell a little different from the next. Smoking cannabis, dabbing concentrates, or vaporizing will all have a specific taste and smell, and this is the direct result of the terpenes doing their job.

The aroma that comes from cannabis has been used as an indicator of how good of quality it is for ages. So when you come across a strain that contains an extremely pleasant and pungent aroma, then in many cases, the strain will be higher quality. Some strains will smell like a skunk, while others will smell like diesel or pine.

Many consumers will purchase certain strains of cannabis just for their terpene profile. The trichomes in a cannabis plant contain resin glands that produce terpenes and cannabinoids like THCA, which converts into THC. Terpenes have a number of different uses in the plant world.

They protect the plant from insects, herbivores, and many other environmental dangers. Terpenes play a large role in a plant’s oxygenation and regeneration. There are over 200 terpenes that have been discovered in the cannabis plant. Some of them are in high quantities, while others are barely detectable.

Use of Term

I can’t get enough of the terpenes in this weed I just purchased. It has a nice citrus smell to it, but when I smoke it, it exhales into a more earthy smell.

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