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Terpene Distillation

Terpene distillation is the method of extracting terpenes from a marijuana plant’s flowers through mechanical distillation. This distillation method will produce a product that still keeps the aroma of the plant and all of its flavors.

Many extraction methods will take away the flavor of cannabis, which is why terpene distillation is such a coveted process by cannabis lovers. Distillates typically contain a very high THC level of sometimes even over 90%. Terpenes are the compounds that give the cannabis plant its pungent smell and unique flavor.

Purging cannabis concentrates from the plant removes a substantial amount of terpenes during the process. If heat is involved in the extraction process, then there is an even higher chance of eliminating terpenes from the concentrate. The goal of terpene distillation is to safely remove the terpenes and keep them preserved. It is a method that will enable the strain’s terpenes to be combined together and added back to the final product.

In many cases, terpene distillation entails the use of heat or magnetic stirring devices that will spread the terpenes uniformly throughout the product. Terpenes are considered the key to cannabis plants having unique and pleasant aromas, so preserving them is a very important aspect of the process. Smell is a very significant part of the process because our sense of smell is connected to our sense of taste.

Cannabis is known to be of higher quality will in most cases, contant a very potent, pungest, and pleasurable smell. When it doesnt, consumers will wonder if they are getting ripped off. One of the first things people do when analyzing cannabis is to take a deep smell of it.

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The cannabis concentrate I purchased went through the terpene distillation process, so I’m betting that’s why it smells so great.

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