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Taffy refers to a texture in mostly rosin concentrates that have a moldable and taffy-like consistency. Manufacturing rosin is done by using high heat and pressure to divide the oils from the trichome heads to create a solid form of resin.

It is one of the simplest ways to create concentrates for use in dab rigs and in many places, it is legal to produce them at home they are made without the use of solvents. Some have referred to rosin as the everyman’s concentrate because you don’t been an expensive lab or equipment to make it. Pull n snap is known to have a similar consistency to taffy.

Manufacturers typically attempt to stretch and pull on this concentrate to let it get exposed to oxygen so that it will become softer and more malleable. Cannabis concentrates have been rapidly expanding over a number of years and the interest from consumers is what has sparked such growth in the industry.

Experienced cannabis users love resorting to concentrates for a greater high and to experience the various different terpenes profiles that certain strains of concentrates can offer. Many medical cannabis patients also use concentrates because they are economical and very fast-acting for their ailments. If you have ever had the taffy candies that are flexible then you stretch this, taffy concentrate is a little similar.

Use of Term

I like to use taffy in my dag rig because I find that it is so easy to use. Whenever I am going to my friend’s house, I just grab my taffy, tear a piece of it off, pack of my dab rig and leave. I never have to worry about the taffy breaking apart or anything like that, so hands down, it is the number one concentrate that I will pick time and time again.

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