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Synergy refers to the interaction between the many different compounds that are found in marijuana. It has also been referred to as the entourage effect and the ensemble effect. These compounds include terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. It can be thought of as a group of attributes working together to create a much greater attribute, than if one attribute was only working by itself.

Many people seek out cannabis strains that have a very wide range of terpenes and cannabinoids because this will make it more potent and will have greater results for many different things. An American neurologist named Ethan Russo researched the entourage effect and thought of it as the best way for cannabis to have something to offer for everyone. He stated that because of the entourage effect, it is what makes cannabis useful in so many different health conditions like inflammation, pain, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, and bacterial infections.

He said that THC is still required to achieve the most significant results, but that CBD is necessary to decrease the chances of getting anxiety. Because of so many different cannabinoids and their specific attributes, cannabis manufacturers attempt to focus on the best attributes of each and try to breed new strains that will eventually contain all of those positive attributes.

It can take some time to get a strain just right, but in the end, the synergy is what will make that strain function at its peak capacity. Cannabis contains so many compounds that trial and error is necessary to find out the best combination of each to grow into a specific strain.

Use of Term

I really enjoy the synergy of the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids in this strain of marijuana. Without it, I don’t think that it would help in reducing the pain of my arthritis as much as it does.

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