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Super-Critical Botanical Extractor

A super-critical botanical extractor uses CO2 to manufacture marijuana concentrate of fairly high quality. With a mixture of temperature and pressure, the system produces changes in the carbon dioxide levels. The oils that are rich in cannabinoids are isolated from the substance of the rest of the plant material.

The extractor produces a clean, pure oil with no residue from the solvents that are used. The super-critical botanical extractor is a high-tech machine that enables the extraction artist to fine-tune the controls and set-up protocols to ensure high yield and superior oil. There are a variety of methods used in cannabis extraction ranging from butane extraction, alcohol extraction, and CO2 extraction, which is also known as supercritical fluid extraction.

The super-critical botanical extractor is a very large, pricy, and bulky piece of machinery that has a use that would be more suitable in large factories. Some smaller versions have recently been hitting the market that give people that opportunity to make concentrates in the comfort of their own living room. Super-critical extractors have been used in the food industry for many years to decaffinate coffee and produce essential oils.

The biggest use of these extractors as of late has been to separate the raw plant material from cannabis from its cannabinoid oils. The super-critical extraction process is known to be one of the safest processes to product concentrates. It is also the first choice to produce pharmaceutical and medical grade concentrates because it doesn’t leave behind residue from the solvents that are used.

Use of Term

I prefer to purchase concentrates that have been produced by a super-critical botanical extractor because of the amount of residual solvents that are left over, which from what I hear, is next to none. It gives me a greater piece of mind every time I go to use my dab rig.

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