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Sun Grown

Sun grown is a term that refers to marijuana that has been grown outdoors with natural light coming from the sun. Sun-grown marijuana eliminates the use of energy consumption for the cultivation process and as a result, can cut costs by a fair amount. Sun-grown cannabis has to strictly follow the seasonal cycles and might be more subject to plant diseases, pests, and chemical cross-contamination, and natural disasters.

Less soil amendments, pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides are required for sun-grown cannabis plants. For environmentalists, sun-grown cannabis leaves a much less severe carbon footprint on the atmosphere and it will always be the better choice in terms of the competition of environmental sustainability. Scientists have stated that terpene and cannabinoid production is highest in ambient light and that natural lighting will still always be better than what artificial lights can imitate.

Cannabis plants will bask in the entire spectrum of light from the sun, moon, and stars. Natural airflow in sun-grown plants is another huge benefit in the growing cycle and it is near impossible to replicate the same result with an indoor growing operation. Cultivators are now starting to state that sun-grown cannabis is different than regular outdoor cannabis in that it requires stricter standards to produce the most natural conditions as possible. Cannabis that is sun-grown uses high quality products, water that is sourced locally, and of course, natural sunlight.

Cultivators have stated that outdoor cannabis yields are of a much higher quantity than indoor ones and require a lot less supervision. Some users have believed the myth that indoor grown cannabis has a higher potency than sun-grown cannabis. Independent testing laboratories have revealed that the potencies are similiar when the best practices of each growing method are used. Sun-grown cannabis also provides multiple environmental benefits and minimizes environmental impacts.

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