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Sugar is a term used to refer to the texture of a cannabis extract. It is usually grainy, wet, and has a fairly high terpene profile. If solvent-based extracts aren’t winterized, they will most likely sugar up. The consistency of sugar concentrate can be wet and sappy and the colors can range from a bright yellowish to deeper ambers.

Sugar can be consumed in a variety of ways, but many users like to add a little bit of sugar to their bowl or joint before smoking for that extra potency and flavor. Sugar might also sometimes refer to sugar-like crystals that are made with cannabis products. This process combines cannabis with sugar through the use of alcohol pulling out the cannabinoids from the buds before actually mixing it with sugar.

As a result, it transfers the cannabinoids to the sugar crystals and ends up in a sweet, nutty sugar that can be used in many different types of edibles. Medical users sometimes prefer sugar because of its ease of use and storage. They contain no smell, have a very long shelf life, and they don’t break down if they are subject to air or light. Sugars can be added to nearly anything and are very similar to regular granulated sugar. It doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor aside from its sweetness.

It is also soluble in water which sets it apart from butter or oils. Many users add it to their tea, coffee, or water. Another benefit of cannabis sugars is that they are discreet and have a high degree of portability.

Use of Term

As I was rolling my blunt, I added some sugar to it to make it more potent. I brought it to a party last night and after my friends and I finished it, everyone kept saying they have never been that high in their entire life.

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