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A strain in the cannabis genus is a specific type of plant grown with pure or hybrid genetics. Cannabis strains are typically characterized in indica, sativa, and ruderalis strain groups. Different strains combine a variety of genetic origins to inherit traits from multiple plants. Cannabis strain names are sometimes synonymous with the effect, aroma taste, or look of the plant which help to guide consumers through their experience.

New strains are created and crossbred everyday, with hundreds of variations already available. The term has largely fallen out of the world of horticulture, but it is used in the world of cannabis to describe numerous variations within the flowers. Sour Diesel and Northern Lights are some common cannabis strains that many consumers have heard of.

The sativa category of marijuana plants tends to have an uplifting cerebral impact, while the indica cannabis plants are more calming. Hybrid strains mix a bit of both indica and sativa strains to give the best of both worlds. Cannabis strains are also a way to characterise or forecast the growing habits and behaviours of a plant in addition to the impact they have on humans.

Indica plants for example, are considered to be shorter and more compact than their counterparts. As researchers and scientists first began to study the variations between different marijuana plants, the differentiation between cannabis strains began to take place in around the 18th century.

Researchers started to classify cannabis plants into categories and soon after, individual strains. They began to find out that some cannabis plants were growing in mountainous regions, but others required more temperate climates. As the cultivation of cannabis became more widespread, researchers continued to blend together the strains to produce unique hybrids.

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I love trying out new strains of cannabis because there are so many different effects that can be felt by the multitude of different strains out there.

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