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Being stoned refers to the effects of intoxication as a result of consuming cannabis. It usually describes the sedating and relaxing effects that the user is feeling. The term stoned itself dates way back to biblical times where people were stoned as a method of punishment.

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the term was being used more heavily to refer to people who were completely drunk from alcohol because of the physically worn down and battered look that is typical of excessive alcohol use. It isn’t completely clear how the term went from being initially used for over-alcohol consumption to cannabis use. In 1953, the first citation for the word was used in the Oxford English Dictionary.

It was defined as under the influence of drugs. There are also some other theories about how the term started. It comes from the Italian word stonato which means confused or foggy. It may also have started from smoking cannabis out of a stone pipe, so people may have called you stoned. The immobilizing effects make people appear visibly motionless that can resemble a stone.

When people say they are stoned, they typically refer to the sedated effects that they feel. When people say that they are high, they mostly refer to the euphoric and cerebral effects. As the term progressed over the years, people that got stoned all of the time started to be called stoners because of the lazy and sometimes unmotivated effects that cannabis may have.

Use of Term

I brought some top-tier cannabis to a party last night of about 20 people. We had a two hour session and nearly every single person their was stoned out of their minds. Though it was pretty fun, now I’m all out of weed and will have to go back to the dispensary and pick up some more so I can get stoned again tonight.

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