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Stash Jar

A stash jar is known to be a container or receptacle used for the purpose of storing one’s supply of cannabis, edibles, or any other related consumables. Many stash jars are designed in a way that makes the possession of cannabis very concealed, while others are just designed with the goal of preserving the freshness and quality of the cannabis for as long as possible.

Most stash jars are created in a way that will reduce the amount of heat, light, oxygen, and moisture that can come in contact with the cannabis stored inside them. The jars can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be simple glass jars or they can be elaborate works of art. Some big companies manufacture stash jars, as do smaller-scale entrepreneurs. The stash jars that have the ability to protect against the light have UV protectants and some contain a vacuum sealer.

While your standard zip-lock bag can also be thought of as a stash jar, it’s not as intricate. Most medical dispensaries or cannabis retailers store their cannabis in a sealable glass jar. The simple glass jar is known to be the simplest and safest bet for storing cannabis. It is considered to be a bonus if the jar if airtight, dark to prevent the sun from affecting it, and not too big. Infinity jars are 250 ml leakproof, smell-proof glass jars that are designed to block out all UV rays.

If people want to invest in a fancier stash jar, they can purchase a CVault which is made of stainless steel, contains humidifier packets, and is air and light-tight.

Use of Term

I purchased a new stash jar this week and it is air tight, contains UV protectant, is leak-proof, smell-proof, and even has humidifier packets in it to preserve my cannabis.

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