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The stamen is known as the reproductive element of the male cannabis plant that has the purpose of producing pollen. The stamen contains two parts – the anthers, which are also known as the pollen sacs, and a filament, which is also known as the stalk. The purpose of the filament is to hold up the anthers. Stamens typically have no petals, but they do contain sepals.

Sepals can be used to help identify what sex the cannabis flower is. Once a male cannabis plant reaches maturity, it will create pollen and release it from the stamen. The pollen is then spread out through insects, rain, and the wind. When producing new hybrid strains, male cannabis plants are required to pollinate the female plants.

Cannabis plants are recognized to be dioecious, which indicates that there are separate male and female plants. There are known to be hermaphrodites as well, but in most cases, they are male or female. Where the stamen is known to be the reproductive element on the male plant, the pistils are known to be the ones on the female plants. Most cannabis growers only grow female plants because they are the ones that produce the buds. If the grower needs seeds, then male cannabis plants need to pollinate them.

To distinguish between male and female cannabis plants, the stamen should begin to develop between four and six weeks of the growth cycle. Though male plants do produce a mild amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, they don’t produce an amount anywhere near that of the female plants.

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I had to wait around 5 weeks for my cannabis plants to grow to the point where I was able to see if they had stamens to help me determine if they were males or not. Fortunately, I only had 3 males out of my 15 plants.

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