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In order to mask and hide the smell of smoke from cannabis consumption, people will blow the smoke into a sploof.  A lot of people like to use them indoors when they are smoking cannabis to add another degree of discretion. If you are in a living situation where there are various roommates that live under the same roof and one or two of them don’t appreciate you smoking indoors, a sploof is a tool that can be used to hide the smell so the other people won’t smell the cannabis smoke.

It is a fairly simple tool and fits in one hand and can be made of household materials. Many people that consume cannabis will make their own sploof by finding a paper towel or toilet paper roll and then fill the roll with a bunch of dryer sheets. When you light up the cannabis and inhale, you then exhale all of the smoke into the roll and the dryer sheets will hide the smell of the cannabis smoke. There are a wide variety of other commercial sploofs that one can purchase as well, but all of them follow the same overall idea in trying to mask the smell of smoke produced from cannabis.

A sploof will minimize the risk that anyone will smell the cannabis smoke, but it is still recommended to smoke in an area that isn’t near other people that dislike the smell. Some sploofs contain carbon filters for an added measure of discretion. No sploof will ever be 100% effective in preventing all of the smoke from being masked, but they will definitely prevent enough of it that companies are profiting from these devices. One company that sells sploofs advertises it as being good for 300 exhales of regular cannabis use. 

Use of Term

I made a sploof so that my room wouldn’t smell so much after I smoked.

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