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A Spliff is a joint filled with a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. Rolled typically in a cone shape, a spliff can also refer to a quality rolled pure cannabis joint. Typically, spliffs use a high cannabis-tobacco ratio, but this ratio can be reduced if cannabis of higher quality is used, or even hash.

Sometimes, a spliff is also used to refer to a joint that is rolled very well. In North America, a lot of people aren’t as familiar with the term spliff as opposed to those in Europe. A combination of cannabis and tobacco use in the European and Asian cultures is a common thing.

Spliffs have several benefits over standard joints. They are supposed to be a lot easier to roll. When tobacco is combined with cannabis, it lowers the stickiness level in it and this makes the rolling process a little simpler. Another thing to note is that when cannabis joints are smoked, hiding the smell from anyone nearby is quite difficult.

But in the case of smoking a spliff, the smell of cannabis is quite different because it is mixed with tobacco. This will add a little bit of discreetness for the consumer if they are worried about getting caught smoking weed. Most people like to smoke spliffs because it doesn’t get them as high. Not everyone wants to get high out of their minds, so mixing tobacco will lower the potency of the high and make it possible for users to reduce the amount of cannabis they use.

Spliffs are known to be a good alternative for chainsmokers. The process of rolling a spliff doesn’t differ much from rolling a joint. It is advised to use tobacco of high quality with a decent level of moisture, but not too moist. This makes it a little easier to twist it up.

Use of Term

I smoked a spliff with a few buddies last night and it was enjoyable.

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